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Belgium Introduces Registration for Crypto Exchange as well as Wallet Service Providers

Authorities in Belgium have required service providers of some crypto exchange and also pocketbook services to register…

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Hackers Transfer $28 Million Worth of Bitcoin from 2016 Bitfinex Breach

The last time the Bitfinex hackers moved funds from the hack four years ago, they moved around…

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Crypto Use-Cases in Africa on the Rise, According to Luno

Despite being an incredibly diverse continent, African nations often share key similarities, ranging from socio-economic issues to…

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Here Is Why BigONE’s New VIP System Can Make the Most Out of Your Everyday Trading

The VIP hierarchy follows five rankings, each corresponding to a specific BigONE Point range. For example, in…

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Centralized vs Decentralized Exchanges

However, almost every exchange is prone to hacking, has privacy issues, and users could end up losing…

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Now Anyone Can Host a Crypto Exchange on Their WordPress Website

A developer named Goren Holm has released a new WordPress (WP) plugin that makes it so anyone…

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Crypto Exchange App First Kudi Issues Debit Card in Partnership With Stanbic IBTC Bank

Options to acquire cryptocurrencies in Nigeria have been growing in number, along with increasing interest in bitcoin….

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Bitcoin Group Confirms Plan to Obtain Crypto Custody Permit

Bitcoin Group SE, a prominent member of the European crypto industry, has been preparing to apply for…

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Exchanges Struggle as Traders Get Busy

Binance chief Changpeng Zhao referred to it as “Bloodbath day”, and many in the cryptosphere will echo…

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The Keepers of Your Crypto Are Financial Institutions in Germany

The Federal Financial Supervisory Authority of Germany, Bafin, has issued guidance to clarify the status of cryptocurrencies…

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The Evolution of Crypto Exchange Custody

When the first cryptocurrency exchanges sprung up in late 2010, multisig wallets had yet to be invented….

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Alexander Vinnik Accused of Laundering Billions Through BTC-e Extradited to France

Alexander Vinnik, the Russian-born IT specialist who spent over two years in detention in Greece, where he…