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Bitcoin Supply Held for Over 1 Yr Hits Highest Level Since 2010

Bitcoin Faces a Monthly Close in the Next 24 hours. Bitcoin also has another pending milestone in the…

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Only Bitcoin Outpaces G4 Central Bank Balance Sheet Growth

A founder and CEO at Global Macro Investor (GMI) Pal made the remarks in a Twitter post…

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Control of Bitcoin’s Supply Shifting Towards Smaller Investors of BTC

What Does the Shift in Bitcoin Ownership Mean? One way of interpreting the information is that Bitcoin whales…

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Bitcoin’s Current Breakout Sets It up for $28,000, Headed for Six Figures

Bitcoin (BTC) soared more than 20% to hit $11,300 on July 28, its highest level since August…

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Bitcoin is Maturing With the Rise of CME Bitcoin Futures Interest

These futures contracts and their corresponding open interest illustrate that Bitcoin is ‘joining the mainstream’ through the…

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Majority of Bitcoin Investors Treat BTC as Digital Gold

The team at Chainalysis has released a comprehensive report that highlights how investors and traders view and use Bitcoin….

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Bitcoin Can Capture 33% of Gold’s Marketcap to hit $180k

Talk of institutional investors getting into crypto gathered momentum back in mid-2017 when news hit the internet…

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The Many Facts Pointing to Wei Dai Being Satoshi

Satoshi Nakamoto has been an enigma for well over a decade and there’s been a number of…

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Max Keiser Bares Fangs, Challenges Bitcoin Naysayers With Digital Gold Argument

Keiser remarked that after review of Bitcoin’s original whitepaper and discussion with cypherpunks, he had adamantly determined…

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WSJ, Bitcoin Trading, In Step With Gold Amid Dow Jones Tumult

Purportedly citing data from market analytics firm Excalibur Pro, the WSJ noted that while Bitcoin’s correlations to…

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Uncanny Correlation Between The Long-Term Bitcoin And Gold Charts

Since Bitcoin’s inception a decade ago, many have likened this decentralized digital asset to gold, with some…

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Stay Safe By Keeping Your ‘Bitcoin Business’ to Yourself

Bitcoin has grown in value quite a bit this year and with it comes a sizeable economy….