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Zilliqa (ZIL) Gains by 4x in March on Metapolis Metaverse FOMO

Zilliqa’s cost has climbed by almost 400%in the month of March The rate increment is rested on…

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Blockchain Analytics Firm CipherTrace to allow for Traceability for Binance Archipelago, BNB

As noted on Binance’s official website : “Binance Band is the underlying blockchain wrapping for Binance DEX….

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Counting and Consulting Firm Armanino Launches Blockchain-based Software Tool

Launched upon Wednesday, the company’s dispersed ledger technology (DLT)-based apparatus can reportedly perform firm-originated financial audits within…

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Region Economic Forum Partners Foremost Mining Firms

The World Market Forum (WEF), a Cologny-Geneva-based NGO that aims to improve state of the world by…

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IBM and SoftBank Launch Cross-Carrier Blockchain Platform for Mobile Payments

In an October 22 release, SoftBank’s management stated that it could work with IBM and blockchain firm…

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Coinshares, Blockchain Launch DGLD Yellow Token as a Bitcoin Sidechain

Swiss financial news outlet AllNews reported on Oct. fifteen that digital asset supervisors CoinShares and MKS, and…

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In relation to 7% of Bitcoin’s Distributing

Token Analyst’s Twitter account provides timely and historical blockchain file. It has estimated that approximately 1. 2…

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Security Startup NuCypher Raises $9,95. 7 Million

NuCypher and announced that it has launched its just public testnet. Encryption startup NuCypher bred $10. 7…

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UAE’s Capital Abu Dhabi helping put Land Registry on Blockchain-based Platform

The Area of Urban Planning moreover Municipalities, a government-run agency tasked with managing Abu Dhabi’s development strategy,…

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Liechtenstein Becomes Incredibly first Nation to Launch Wide-range Crypto Regulations

The Perform will reportedly become sensible on January 1, 2020. The parliament’s announcement borne in mind that…

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Kyber Network Developers Explain How Protocol Can Enable Payment Flows

Anton Buenavista and Simon, both senior developers at Kyber Network, were also present during the Dapp.com AMA session….

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Tokens Offered to Individual Retail Investors Throughout the World

The Berlin-headquartered company announced on July 23, 2019 that it was granted permission by Germany’s financial regulator, BaFin, to…