Stellar Lumens News Today – August 11, 2020

SatoshiPay is a Tested and Proven Use Case of Stellar. SatoshiPay offers low fees. Hence, its users only have to pay a fraction of what they might pay on the regular traditional payment models.

Their entire inventory is focused on providing frictionless international payment solutions in compliance with existing regulatory systems. They provide an advanced payment infrastructure using a payment wallet and email address. Regarding SatoshiPay, the crypto expert, Sydney Ifergan tweeted:

“SatoshiPay is a tested and trusted use case of Stellar. Today’s businesses will consider integrating Stellar’s XLM.”

The Account Viewer tools allow account checking and the completion of basic payments. The laboratory allows users to compose and explore difficult Stellar operations. StellarX allows trading in Stellar exchanges. Kelp makes markets with an open-source trade bot.

The transaction explorer allows users to explore network activity with Stellar Expert. Finally, the node explorer lets you visualize consensus by viewing network nodes on Stellar beat.

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  • SatoshiPay is using Stellar to improve online publishing
  • SatoshiPay is focused on facilitating micropayments everywhere
  • Stellar offers several visual tools to make the process seamless

One firm has found a near-perfect use case for Stellar Lumens. The entity is SatoshiPay. They are currently using Stellar to improve online publishing. The company removes the need for Paywalls and Ads which allows users to do micropayments for online content. SatoshiPay is also focused on making micropayments possible globally. According to the CEO of SatoshiPay Meinhard Benn, the long-term vision of the company is to offer transparent value transfer between all internet-connected devices.

He says:

“The best technical and business decision that we made so far is switching to Stellar Lumens.”

SatoshiPay’s solutions allow publishers to sell products digitally (whether in the video, article, or PDF). They charge just a small amount for this service. The publisher’s income can be higher for the same user under the same conversion rates.

SatoshiPay is Focused on Facilitating Micropayments Everywhere

SatoshiPay also connects the world via its instant payments feature. The entity offer business solutions that facilitate instant cross border remittances. Their micropayments option is a one-click easy solution designed to monetize web content. Their solar wallet can be used to transact (buy, sell, and withdraw) digital assets via the Stellar Wallet free of charge.

The Blockchain-based payment solutions provided by Stellar helps users send money within seconds. This option makes sure users (senders and recipients) enjoy a seamless experience. Security is assured during transactions, by enterprise-grade encryption, and multi-signature authorization.

There are also standard constant software improvements. Their open-source solutions are cared for by immediate customer support thus keeping consumers updated on all important details. Stellar is key to all of these.

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