Charles Hoskinson Praises Cardano’s Performance Improvements

Cardano Keeps Getting Better With New Improvements on the Way. According to Charles Hoskinson, the new updates will come with incredible network performance on the blockchain.

In a recent YouTube video, Hoskinson shared all the details of the Cardano Shelley update and the future node updates. He said that on the 20th of August, the first version of the Daedalus wallet was updated successfully. He said that the node version 1.19 will come with “very significant performance improvements”.

In a press release from IOHK that surfaced on Thursday, it was clear that Mac, Windows, and Linux users will be able to use the wallet.

“Some aspects of the software are 100 times faster, and QA is reporting that everything looks pretty good so far. So there’s still some formalities and last-minute checks that need to be done. But if there’s nothing discovered today, all things knock on wood, we should be looking at a Thursday release.”

The Thursday release will come with chain validation, sync speeds, revalidation, and many other improvements on the open closing of the database. He said that most of the problems that have been identified on the Cardano Shelley update have been fixed. They still have to work on optimizations and more improvements on the blockchain but Hoskinson is happy about how far they have come since the launch. He continued;

So far, everything looks great. “If this is the trend, we’re going to get so strong by the Q4-Q1 timeframe where it’s really going to be crazy to see how quickly things move in that direction, so I’m pretty happy about that.”

Cardano ADA Continues to Decline Against the USD

As Cardano works on Multisig and complete decentralization, the ADA token is struggling against the USD. At the beginning of the year, the Cardano ADA token has increased by more than 300% against the USD. Over the last month, however, the token has been declining steadily. At the time of writing, the price of the token was $0.123560. It is down by 4.92% against the USD and down by 3.42% against Bitcoin BTC.

The trading volume over a 24 hour period is $364,672,319 and the market capitalization is $3,203,552,658.

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The Cardano development team is one of the most dedicated in the industry. They consistently work on improving the blockchain and they’ve done a lot of work this year. Recently, they added another pillar of technology to the blockchain making it an even better proof-of-stake network.

Following the successful Shelley Shelley hardfork less than one month ago, the team is already working on introducing Cardano node version 1.19. They will also release a new rolling of the Daedalus wallet which is said to be 100 times faster than the previous version.

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