Bitcoin Maximalist Says Cardano ADA is a Shitcoiin As ADA Staking Takes Place

Cardano is a Shitcoin and Hoskinson is Better Than Others. Bitcoin maximalists are a group of people who believe that Bitcoin BTC is the one true cryptocurrency and altcoins don’t even deserve to be called cryptocurrencies.

Adam Back, the CEO of Blockstream, is one of the most popular Bitcoin maximalists out there. He said that Cardano ADA is a shitcoin and Hoskinson is better than Justin Sun and Vitalik Buterin. Keep in mind that he referred to all of them as con artists stating that Hoskinson was the greatest con artist among the three. In his words;

“I will grant you@IOHK_Charles for all his shitcoining, for sure understands #bitcoin, applied crypto, comp sci, and game theory infinitely better than the faketoshi. Also better than @VitalikButerin, IMO, who is a bit of a word salad smart bits bytes but no wisdom tech sales guy.

So that’s @IOHK_Charles >@VitalikButerin > @justinsuntron, tho Justin is a better marketer, so there’s that.”

Keep in mind that this isn’t the first time that Adam Back came for Cardano and Hoskinson and it doesn’t seem like he is ready to stop anytime soon. In his latest Unhashed podcast, Bitcoin developers talked about the fundamental flaws of Cardano proof-of-stake protocol. All the participants in the podcast are Bitcoin minimalists. Shortly after Back made his comment, Hoskinson updated his Twitter bio adding that he is the “king of rats”.

In other news, the Cardano community spent yesterday reacting to receiving the first batch of their staking rewards. Staking started on the network last month and Hoskinson recently asked the community for feedback after they received the first staking rewards which happened two days ago.

In his words;

“I just wanted to make sure everyone got what they expected, the staking calculator was accurate if there were any problems. Or if everything was looking good.”

Some of the staking pool operators pointed out their observation and made some suggestions about how things can be improved. The overall feedback was positive but a few people said they would give their feedback after at least two weeks. Some others suggested tweaking the parameters.

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  • Cardano is a Shit Coin According to Bitcoin Maximalist, Adam Back
  • Back’s Attack of Cardano and Charles Hoskinson Comes Right After Users Start Getting Payout 

In a recent video, Cardano’s Charles Hoskinson talked about Bitcoin maximalists as he pleaded with the entire cryptocurrency community to do away with the maximalist mentality. He said they should gear toward project collaboration across blockchains. Even if he is focused primarily on the Cardano blockchain, he is interested in the success of the blockchain industry as a whole.

He said that he and his team will work harder to ensure that they cooperate with other blockchain projects to achieve true interoperability. Shortly after the video was posted, Blockstream’s Adam Back came for Cardano ADA and Charles Hoskinson.

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