Ripple is Creating a Global Payment Ecosystem and XRP Might be in the Middle

XRP’s Price Finds Stability in the $0.2900 Level Against the USD. At the time of writing, the price of XRP was $0.2966. This means that it is up by 1.43% against the USD and down by 1.12% against Bitcoin BTC.

The trading volume over a 24 hour period is $1,745,447,274 and the market capitalization is $13,309,522,854. The token has found key stability in this $0.2900 level. After falling below the $0.3000 level, analysts predicted that XRP will range from $0.2700 and $0.3100 for a while. Now, the token has settled in the $0.2900 and will most likely remain at this level for the rest of the week. In the next few days, we will know what direction the token will take.

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  • Ripple’s Payment Arm, Xpring is Spearheading the Company’s Efforts to Create a Global Ecosystem Around XRP 
  • XRP’s Price Finds Stability in the $0.2900 Level Against the USD 

Ripple’s goal has always been to revolutionize the global financial system. The company has made this clear on more than one occasion. Part of this also involves building the XRP ecosystem so the asset will progress along with other important financial services products by the company.

Through the Xpring Initiative, Ripple is already building a global ecosystem around the XRP token. As part of this initiative, Ripple posted a job ad looking for a senior product manager.

Ripple Seeks Senior Product Manager

The qualified product manager will work as the head of Xpring to aid developers as they create XRP-based products and services. These developers will be able to integrate Ripple blockchain payments into their apps. Part of the job description was as follows;

“We are seeking an experienced product manager to helm the cross-functional team responsible for building a robust, global developer ecosystem through {X}pring developer platform. In this role, you’ll establish strong relationships with developers around the world in a scalable way by crafting amazing products to help developers build the Internet of Value (IOV). Our team works with the largest developer audience possible. We are engineers + storytellers, representing {X}pring to communities all around the world, inspiring the creation of the future where money flows like data today.”

Ripple is also working on expanding the adoption of the XRP token to Asia. SBI Ripple Asia is currently looking for several positions including integration engineer, account manager, project manager, and marketing manager. SBI is one of Ripple’s foremost partners and they’ve done a lot of work in expanding Ripple’s products and services to Asia. They offer decentralized payment services in Asia and this is beneficial to financial institutions in the country.

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