World football legend Lionel Messi launches his NFT collection

The world’s most popular soccer player, Lionel Messi, has partnered with Ethernity Chain to launch an NFT collection called Messiverse, which is a collection of digitized drawings.

Messi wrote about the project on August 4 in a short Instagram video:

Football is like art: it is eternal, ”wrote football ist, inviting his audience to“ discover his first NFT collection on Ethernity ”.

The Superstar Collection includes four pieces of digital art:

  • «Man From the Future» is a futuristic depiction of Messi against a blue background with glowing eyes and a robotic appearance;
  • «Worth the Weight» is a golden Messi figurine carrying a huge soccer ball, just like Atlas holds the firmament;
  • «The King Piece» is a chess-themed drawing in which Messi is surrounded by a ring of soccer balls;
  • One piece has no title.

Each NFT was created by an Australian artist named Bosslogic known for his work with Marvel and Disney. The fourth version of the NFT will be presented on August 20, the day of the Messiverse launch.

Where can you buy and sell NFT tokens?

There are dozens of platforms offering to buy and sell NFTs, but the largest and most reputable is Binance NFT. At the same time, the Binance platform is also the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world, therefore, the confidence in the Binance NFT marketplace is as high as possible and, in fact, it has no worthy competitors yet.

Binance’s NFT marketplace offers an open marketplace for artists, creators, crypto enthusiasts, NFT collectors and fans of the creative industry around the world with the best liquidity and lowest fees.

Binance NFT Marketplace Review

Binance NFT, which consists of two parts – Premium Events and Marketplace, offers valuable collectibles and an easily accessible trading market for all users.

Mystery Box is another cool feature available on the Binance NFT marketplace. Mystery boxes are designed to make users more enjoyable and involved in the process with elements of surprise. In addition to premium NFTs that sell for a higher price, users can also buy Mystery Boxes at a lower price and take the chance to get rare limited edition NFTs. Each mystery box is guaranteed to contain one random NFT.

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