Vine Co-Founder Builds Unique Games on Ethereum Blockchain

The NFT marketplace is overflowing with a variety of images, videos, music and other interactive digital objects that are sold as unique tokens. The boom in this space has greatly influenced the explosive growth of altcoin AXS, which is part of the Axie Infinity NFT ecosystem.

Dom Hofmann, co-founder of the now closed popular platform Vine, is trying to implement something more ambitious in his new project called Supdrive.

Recall that NFTs are unique tokens in various blockchains like Ethereum, Solana or Avalanche. Some object from the real world, including in digital form, is attached to them with the help of cryptography. If it is unique, it will be visible in the transparent network of blocks – as well as its real owner. What is especially nice: there is no point in faking or copying a picture or song, because the content owner will still not have a token on his blockchain address.

On the eve, the trend of NFT development began to go beyond the sale of unique images. For example, in July, we learned about the sale of tokens from the Stoner Cats series, which, among other things, allowed access to the cartoon. That is, in fact, they acted as a person’s identifier, in addition, protected by the reliability of the blockchain.

NFT token blockchain Ethereum

Stoner Cats #2392

Now the concept of unique tokens is starting to spread especially actively in games. And in the near future there will be more and more of them.

NFT game

Supdrive will be an «online fantasy console» where the NFTs themselves serve as games. If you have a “game” NFT, you can “play” it using the Supdrive Virtual Firmware software .

In other words, Supdrive is a platform for distributing unique games that only game owners will have access to. The first game, called Origin, was created by Hofmann himself, later game projects will be developed in collaboration with independent programmers.

retro console game

Here is a quote from Hofmann on this subject, in which he shares the progress of what is happening. The cue is from Decrypt.

Working within the constraints of smart contracts is challenging and rewarding, and the concepts of persistence and origin are quite difficult to implement. But looking at things from a different angle, it becomes clear that NFT is an incredible building block for online communities.

And this is really so – already now crypto millionaires are buying unique tokens as a way of self-expression and recognition among a certain group of people. This is why digital avatar series like CryptoPunks, Pudgy Penguins and others have become so popular.

House Hofmann Vine NFT

Supdrive creator Dom Hofmann

Supdrive games are expected to have their own NFT versions with a unique difference from all the others. For example, unique difficulty, color palette, gameplay options, and so on. The first games will be fairly simple – in the style of the Atari console. In the future, Hofmann hopes to develop more complex unique projects with modern graphics and gameplay. The developer continues.

The idea that your version of a game is unique and has a different user experience than mine (plus we can share them) is a very interesting concept. Aside from new mechanics, it is also testing new optimization models that are unlike what we are dealing with today.

Accordingly, Hofmann considers the direction of unique NFT tokens promising enough to change the gaming niche. Indeed, the idea of ​​collectibility seems to be quite applicable in this area.

retro console game

Considering that even unique images of stones have become popular during the hype in the NFT sector, Hofmann’s initiative may become a completely new trend. He wants to create not just unique pictures or something like that, but a whole ecosystem of a new model for monetizing game content. As the world becomes more digital, the games industry will only continue to grow, so Supdrive has every chance of being an interesting and memorable project.

We believe that the NFT token niche is only at the very beginning of its development. And although while it is shining in the news mainly due to the sale of some unique images for crazy amounts, in the future the situation will surely change. Such tokens will have more options for use, and they themselves will not raise doubts among skeptics who still believe that «selling JPEG files is pointless, because they can simply be saved.»

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