Ton Weiss: Bitcoin price will reach $ 100,000 by the end of December

Cryptotrading veteran Ton Weiss predicts that Bitcoin (BTC) will relatively soon complete the current correction and then rise sharply to six figures.

During a new strategy session, Weiss said the recent BTC price movement is reminiscent of July, when the flagship cryptocurrency fell to an annual low below $ 29,000 and then rallied aggressively to $ 52,000 in less than six weeks.

“We are in a very similar situation that happened in July … now it is already mid-September. It has been a long time, and everything seems incredibly similar to me … I would like to see a drop tomorrow or the next day, which will lead us to a range of about $ 43,000, followed by a large increase. «

According to Weiss, it is likely that Bitcoin will fall briefly and provide traders with a buying opportunity near the $ 40,000 level.

Assuming Bitcoin bounces off the $ 40,000 support range, Weiss predicts BTC will rise to $ 100,000 by early 2022.

“The $ 40,000 low will either come next week, or it could be delayed … until early October, and then we will cross that area to $ 50,000 in mid to late October. By the beginning of November we will exceed $ 65,000, by the end of December, probably – $ 100,000. «

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