TIME magazine is giving away NFTs for memes. Who will receive unique tokens?

Cool Cats is one of the most talked about NFT projects right now. A collection of 10,000 randomly generated «Crypto Cats » is selling like hotcakes, and to date, the average daily volume of transactions with Cool Cats has already surpassed the millions of dollars mark.

Even more hype to the Cool Cats project was caught up by the sudden news of the upcoming partnership of the development team with the world famous TIME publication. The collaboration is reportedly aimed at creating a new exclusive NFT collection on behalf of the magazine. Let’s talk about what is happening in more detail.

This is not the first time TIME management has demonstrated its advanced approach to technology. In particular, in April 2021, readers of the magazine were able to pay for a subscription to new issues in cryptocurrencies.

Also in the first half of spring, the publication launched its own line of NFT tokens. The legendary magazine cover from 1966 with the inscription “God is dead” became the basis for the unique tokens?

TIME magazine edition

TIME covers available as NFT tokens

The most popular NFT collection at the moment

The Cool Cats x TIME collaboration is to release a set of 400 unique tokens with four different designs of images attached to them. The latter depict cartoon illustrations of cats, very similar to the main line of the Cool Cats collection, only in this case the TIME inscription is added to each image.

According to Decrypt , the collaboration was inspired by TIME President Keith Grossman. He recently tweeted that TIME will be taking on the project because its «community exudes positive and optimism» and that Cool Cats «bring together different generations. » In addition, he echoed an acronym common in the collector community and added «WLTC!» To the tweet. , which translates as «We like cats!»

Cool Cats NFT Tokens

Most interestingly, everyone has a chance to get one of the collection tokens absolutely free. TIME and Cool Cats have launched a meme competition for their NFT collection. Eight lucky ones, whose memes are considered the coolest, will receive unique tokens for free. The remaining 392 tokens will be raffled among the current owners of the Cool Cats main collection, who will also take part in the competition.

Cool Cats NFT Tokens

The work of one of the contestants from Twitter

The popular NFT prize is worth all the effort it takes to create a creative meme. Tokens of such well-known projects as CryptoPunks , Pudgy Penguins and some other collections have increased in price by thousands of percent over the past few months – among the mentioned NFT sets it is already quite difficult to find offers that are cheaper than tens of thousands of dollars. If anything, to participate in the contest, you need to follow the link to the contest thread on Twitter and post your work with the #CoolCatsTIME hashtag .

Thus, the authors of the idea will not only give away unique tokens, but also make them more popular and discussed in the blockchain community. Yet the abundance of recordings with funny jokes always do their job.

At the same time, now in the form of NFT it will now be possible to buy not only cats, but also a voice. Or rather, the changed voice of a certain person with the help of a deepfake – just such a proposal was announced on Twitter by the American singer Holly Herndon.

Holly Herndon singer

Singer Holly Herndon

From now on, her fans can publish their work on the Zora NFT trading platform with her changed voice and receive 50 percent of the profit for it . Before that, fan posts must be approved by the project’s Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), reports Cointelegraph .

Initially, there will be three «genesis tokens» Holly +, that is, Holly’s «digital twin» in the form of her new voice. Users will receive half of any profits from further token resale, with the remaining 40 percent going to the DAO and the remaining ten percent to Herndon herself. And although the concept seems strange and not the most promising, it somehow proves the infinity of options for using unique tokens in the world. This means that the matter will not end with the use of NFT as payment for a subscription to the animated series .

Stoner Cats show NFT

Stoner Cats Show, which can be accessed by purchasing an NFT token

We believe TIME’s leadership initiatives are enviable. And although in essence all ideas run into the possibility of making money, the ability to use trends to your advantage is in any case very important. Well, the representatives of the publication are proving this not for the first time, so their next victory will be deserved and will hardly cause surprise. I would like to believe that the NFT trend will be supported by other world famous companies as well. The prospects for using unique tokens are much wider than they seem

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