The State Duma of the Russian Federation plans to adopt a law on taxation of cryptocurrencies this fall

The State Duma may consider a draft law on taxation of cryptocurrencies in Russia during the autumn session, said Pavel Krasheninnikov, head of the State Duma Committee on State Construction and Legislation. Writes about this «Finmarket».

“The government has a firm task to impose taxes, we do not give taxes yet. I hope that we will make progress [on this issue] in the autumn session, ”he said.

The official noted that he is a supporter of the recognition of cryptocurrencies as an object for inheritance or division in the divorce of spouses, but the Central Bank of the Russian Federation does not support this position.

“The economy spurs to ensure that legal problems are also solved, like the problems of citizens. If a person has cryptocurrency, and he died, should the heirs receive it? Of course they should, ”he said.

Recall that according to the adopted law «On digital financial assets», cryptocurrencies are recognized as property .

In February, the State Duma of the Russian Federation adopted in the first reading a draft law on the taxation of transactions with cryptoassets. Earlier, the Presidential Council for Codification and Improvement of Civil Legislation criticized the document due to problems with terminology.

Krasheninnikov noted that in order to introduce taxation of cryptocurrencies, it is necessary to legalize transactions with them. Later, he said that the deputies are discussing the mechanism for using digital assets when paying for goods and services by agreement of the parties, and stressed that they want to write the cryptocurrency into the part of the Civil Code concerning objects.

Recall that at the end of last year, a bill was submitted to the State Duma deputies for consideration, obliging all Russians to report on their digital assets.

You need to provide information if in one year the amount of transactions with such instruments exceeds 600,000 rubles. The Ministry of Finance is already working on lowering this limit

At the same time, the Central Bank of Russia is categorically against allowing the use of virtual coins when paying for goods and services in the domestic market.

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