Report: 56% of Bitcoin mining energy comes from renewable sources

The Bitcoin Mining Council (BMC) published a report in which it spoke about the sources of energy used to mine the first cryptocurrency. To collect information, the organization conducted a survey among representatives of the mining industry.

According to BMC, over 32% of all Bitcoin miners took part in the survey.

BMC found that 56% of the energy used to mine Bitcoin so far comes from renewable sources.

“The mining industry is one of the cleanest in the world ,” concluded BMC.

These figures raise doubts among some representatives of the cryptoindustry. Thus, The Block analyst Larry Cermak noted that it is incorrect to collect information against the background of the migration of Chinese miners to other jurisdictions. You have to wait until they have fully relocated their equipment and returned to operational activities, and then re-conduct the research.

Other experts noted that the information provided during the survey was not verified in any way. At the same time, Coin Metrics founder Nick Carter believes that a survey of 32% of miners is just an amazing result. Although he agrees that it is not entirely correct to interpret the survey of predominantly North American miners for the entire industry. Therefore, the real percentage of renewable energy sources should be estimated at around 50%.

Recall that the Bitcoin Mining Council was formed after Elon Musk said that BTC mining is not environmentally friendly. Earlier, we talked in detail about this organization and its role in the cryptocurrency market.

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