MicroStrategy CEO Puts $ 1,000 in Bitcoin Every Second

It became known yesterday that the analytical company MicroStrategy has completed another round of buying bitcoins. The firm now owns a massive amount of cryptocurrency totaling over a billion dollars.

That being said, its CEO Michael Sailor also makes personal investments in BTC. He shared the details of his relationship with the crypt during the next broadcast of the Funky Crypto podcast.

We checked the latest data: Bitcoin is doing great today. The cryptocurrency is at the level of $ 23,608, which is very close to the historical high of the rate at $ 24,225. And although on the eve of BTC sank from 24 to 22 thousand dollars, things did not go further.

Investors should also pay attention to the intermediate results of Bitcoin for different time periods – especially for those people who doubt the prospects of cryptocurrencies and do not seek to get acquainted with them. Over the week, the BTC rate rose 21.5 percent, while the coin’s value jumped 215 percent over the year.

How to buy Bitcoin

Since December 11, MicroStrategy’s cryptocurrency balance has increased by about $ 650 million. According to Sailor, he bought cryptocurrency in the evenings and on weekends, and at a rate of over a thousand dollars per second. That is, on average, MicroStrategy invested more than 60 thousand dollars per minute in Bitcoin per minute. The decision to bet on the crypto market will bring huge profits to the company, Sailor is sure.

Here is his quote, in which the expert shares his thoughts on what is happening with the first cryptocurrency. Michael’s line is quoted by Decrypt.

Now, if Bitcoin grows at least 20 percent a year, we will get $ 320 million in investment income in one form or another.

Here is a transcript of a conversation with a billionaire. We definitely recommend that you look to understand the prospects for Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general through the eyes of a top investor. If you understand English by ear, of course.

It is important to recall that Michael once did not believe in Bitcoin and assumed in 2013 that the cryptocurrency would face a complete collapse. Since then, he has completely changed his mind about the digital asset market. At the end of this summer, MicroStrategy made its first major investment in BTC, and other big companies followed the same tactic.

In the Funky Crypto podcast, Sailor also confirmed that MicroStrategy now owns over $ 1.6 billion in bitcoins, allowing the company to generate huge profits if the price of the cryptocurrency continues to rise. At the same time, the company’s management has no plans to sell coins. As it became known in late October, Sailor has no plans to get rid of bitcoins in the foreseeable future.

Moreover, this period can be even one hundred years, because BTC can become a new standard. That is why, in the fall, Michael noted that investing in Bitcoin is not «speculation or hedging of risks.»

We believe that the activities of MicroStrategy and Michael Saylor in particular are one of the main events for Bitcoin this year. The company showed the world that the limited supply of BTC plays an important role for the asset, therefore, because of this, it can be invested in it. In addition, cryptocurrency rarely correlates with traditional markets, which is also a plus.

MicroStrategy really set an example and showed other big players that investing in BTC is not a lottery, as they used to say, but a conscious decision with clear goals. Therefore, it is safe to say that for the global change in the reputation of cryptocurrencies, one should also thank Michael, who managed to move from being a critic of BTC to the cohort of the largest investors.

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