Instant Cryptocurrency Loans from PointPay

PointPay stands out from other crypto brokers. The platform is a large-scale project that includes several services at once. In addition to the exchange, which has all the necessary chips for comfortable and successful trading, an exchanger, a crypto wallet and a completely unique cryptocurrency bank have been created on the basis of PointPay.

Blockchain banking with a lending module is a bold solution that no one has tried to implement before PointPay. The service has been successfully launched and is working, in fact, being a competitive alternative for traditional banks.

Here you can create a savings account and receive interest. Only users invest tokens, they get not ridiculous 6-7% – the maximum available now in ordinary banks, but up to 30% per annum. Cryptobank offers the most «delicious» conditions to PXP token holders.

Lending is a convenient tool that, if used correctly, allows you to get more here and now, close your needs and solve unexpected difficulties. PointPay blockchain bank is not lagging behind in this matter – the instant lending module has already been tested by thousands of users.

What to do if money is urgently needed, but it is stored in cryptocurrency assets, for example, in bitcoin? Selling tokens at the risk of serious loss due to their constant growth is a bad decision. The same bitcoin, according to experts’ forecasts, can show an increase of 10 times within 2 years.

Crypto-loan is a smart way out for those who look to the future. In a blonchein bank, you can take out a loan, for example, in USDT stablecoins with a stable exchange rate. Even taking into account the interest paid, the borrower will remain in positive territory if his crypto assets grow in value during this time.

 How to get a crypto loan?

To take a crypto loan, you do not have to provide certificates, worry about the purity of your credit history. The process of obtaining a loan is carried out in a transparent and understandable scheme, completely online.

A potential borrower forms an application indicating the loan amount and its currency. All major digital assets are available, including bitcoin, bitcoin cash, ethereum, tron, etc. The condition for issuing a loan is the provision of collateral, which is calculated based on the rest of the data on the loan. The borrower can choose the loan term, the bank offers to pay the borrowed amount in a wide time range: from 7 days to 3 years.

Immediately after the approval and transfer of the collateral, the bank credits the user for the requested amount, forms a payment schedule. Subject to the terms of the loan, the repayment of the loan body and interest on it, the borrower receives his collateral back.

Why is it convenient?

The simplicity and affordability of the crypto lending procedure makes this tool so attractive. If traditional banks increase the list of requirements for borrowers every year, tighten checks in every possible way regarding the availability and purity of credit history, then the blockchain bank works according to a more understandable algorithm.

For PointPay bank, the guarantee is the provision of collateral in cryptocurrency. If available, you can count on the successful issuance of a loan, and – as soon as possible. It is enough to be a registered user, correctly enter all the data and fulfill the conditions for the pledge.

Unlike ordinary banks, here the result of the application is predictable for the borrower. The interest rate is very humane, at the moment it is 0.06%. Holders of PXP tokens can count on pleasant bonuses – they are provided with a discount on daily interest on crypto loans. The maximum discount can be 40% – it all depends on the number of tokens on the account.

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