In 5-10 years, bitcoin will become the main asset to protect against inflation

Ronald-P Iter Stoferle, managing partner at investment management firm Incrementum AG , suggested that Bitcoin expects significant price increases in the coming years.

At the same time, the top manager noted that the next phase of bitcoin’s growth has not yet begun. According to him, the rise in price of bitcoin will occur when the asset becomes a means of protection against inflation.

“I think that in five to ten years, Bitcoin will rise to heights that we cannot imagine at the moment. Because we see it as a hedge against inflation during the ongoing big money experiments.

If you compare it to the size of the real estate market and the bond market … I think there is a lot of potential for catching up. «

Note that bitcoin’s status as a hedge against inflation has come into question this year, as the asset’s price has dropped about 50% from its April high of around $ 65,000.

Meanwhile, proponents of the mainstream cryptocurrency increasingly view BTC as a replacement for gold, although Stoferle believes there is no competition between the two assets.

Gold currently has much fewer investors than bitcoin, although the metal is heading towards a new record price above $ 2,000, Stoferle said.

However, he admits that, despite its novelty, Bitcoin has gained media attention. That being said, Bitcoin discussions are always controversial, as cryptocurrencies are very volatile.

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