Early Bitcoin investor shares how he got involved with cryptocurrency shortly after its creation

Liron Shapira, CEO of the Relationship Hero learning platform and early Bitcoin investor, recently featured on the next issue of the Pomp Podcast, a cryptocurrency podcast.

The author of the latter is Anthony Pompliano, who is known in the blockchain asset niche for his love of BTC. An Israeli-born businessman shared his amazing story of exploring the world of cryptocurrencies, which he said was a combination of luck, lucrative opportunity and his personal investment thesis.

Bitcoin has indeed become an incredible investment opportunity for its early adopters, with cryptocurrency proving to be the most profitable investment of the decade. As we already reported, given the recent rise in the BTC rate above $ 20 thousand, almost any early cryptocurrency miner could become a millionaire. Still, at first, 50 coins were given for one block of Bitcoin – today they cost $ 1.16 million – and the complexity of mining the cryptocurrency was very low due to the small popularity of the crypto project.

Naturally, the main difficulty even for early investors was the preservation of capital in cryptocurrency. Since at the early stage of its formation, BTC cost a few pennies, some users not only forgot about their investments, but also banally lost access to them.

A similar story can be found in our material. It tells about Martti Malmi – the owner of more than 55 thousand bitcoins, most of which he sold for a long time to buy an apartment. Moreover, today this amount would have brought him more than a billion dollars.

An example of getting to know Bitcoin

Shapira began to get seriously involved in Bitcoin back in 2011. Then the cryptocurrency seemed to him «a real hit.» Here is his line that describes what was happening at the time. The statement is quoted by Decrypt.

I think both YCombinator and Bitcoin were really big hits in 2011. So where did I get this thesis? I’m always looking for a 10% chance to invest, but in 2011 Bitcoin could have crashed with a 90% chance, right? Well, I noted, well, with a 10% probability he will not die, but can he not give tenfold, one hundredfold, or even a thousandfold profit?

As you might guess, in the case of Bitcoin, the investor’s bet played out. Compared to the early years, the value of BTC has increased tens of thousands of times. Here is a general chart of the cryptocurrency rate.

Direct evidence of the businessman’s words is his tweet from 2011, in which he called Bitcoin a great investment opportunity. Perhaps this was one of the first positive mentions of cryptocurrency on the Internet in general, because in those days BTC was much less popular than it is today. Here is an investor quote from a tweet.

My investment thesis: buy an asset with a 10% chance of 100 times growth. Examples: Bitcoin, Milner Conway’s Start Fund.

In addition to Bitcoin, the investor also managed to invest in the now largest American cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase back in 2012. It is noteworthy that Shapira did not consider the company as a targeted investment, and his investment through the Founders Club firm turned out to be almost accidental. Here is a quote.

So by pure coincidence, I ended up depositing my check in the first Founders Club fund, where they had several options for companies to choose from. And I thought, “Oh yes, Coinbase. I like Bitcoin. «

After this incident, Shapira even forgot about Coinbase for several years. The company has gained his attention again after its rapid development in recent years. And just recently, Coinbase has reached another important milestone in its history – the crypto exchange is officially going to IPO. This means that if successful, it will receive large financial investments, and its shares will be traded on the stock exchange.

My thesis was something like this: I think Bitcoin is a serious phenomenon and I think Coinbase is doing a really good job and just looks like the best cryptocurrency company.

As you can see, Liron Shapira was a very shrewd investor nine years ago. In addition, he had the rare luck of being in the right place at the right time. However, this applies to almost all early Bitcoin investors.

We believe that this story not only reminds of the great luck of people who discovered cryptocurrencies long before the mass market run in 2017, but also emphasizes the importance of getting to know new projects and niches. Yet some of them do have the potential to change the world – as happened with Bitcoin. This means that early investors in such projects will always be generously rewarded.

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