Crypto exchange Binance raffles off $ 1,800,000, rules for participation in the promotion

The largest cryptocurrency exchange Binance announced the start of a promotion with a draw of $ 1,800,000. This huge prize pool is a token of gratitude to all users for supporting Binance and taking an active part in the development of the site for four years.

The prize will be paid out in TRX, FRONT, DEXE, DATA, CHZ and CHR tokens. In addition, there will be a distribution of 1,050 limited NFT tokens to the winners. To get a chance to win, participants need to complete several types of trading tasks.

The promotion runs from July 8 to July 15, 2021 .

Instructions on how to take part in the promotion:

  1. Create an account on  Binance or log into an existing one .
  2. Go to the  competition page .
  3. Select the appropriate task that you want to complete and click next to it button » Start » /  Do it .
  4. Before the end of the competition, have time to complete as many tasks as possible. For each of them a certain number of spins will be credited.
  5. Click the » Start » button at the top of the page.

The cursor will start running over the squares, and when it stops, you will receive the prize indicated in this square.

binance prize draw

There is a chance to receive the following rewards:

  • 1 limited edition themed NFT in honor of Binance’s birthday.
  • 20 DEXE.
  • 85 FRONT.
  • 200 CHZ.
  • 350 CHR.
  • 500 DATA.
  • 800 TRX.

But there is also a “ Thanks ” box , which means that you have not received any reward.

Tasks with which you can get spins and participate in the drawing:

  • Invite one referral. Bonus – 2 spins.
  • Trade CHR 6,600 or more on the spot. Bonus – 2 spins.
  • Trade the spot of CHZ 4,000 or more. Bonus – 2 spins.
  • Trade 9500 DATA or more spot. Bonus – 2 spins.
  • Trade 200 DEXE or more spot. Bonus – 2 spins.
  • Trade the spot 1600 FRONT or more. Bonus – 2 spins.
  • Trade 15,000 TRX or more on the spot. Bonus – 2 spins.
  • Trade BNB USDⓈ-margin pairs of 10,000 USDT or more. Bonus – 2 spins.
  • Buy or sell at least 1000 contracts at BNB USDⓈ-margin. Bonus – 2 spins.
  • Share the promotion on social media. Bonus – 1 spin.

All tasks, except for the last one, can be performed repeatedly, but not more often than once a day. One day is counted from 3:00 Moscow time to 2:59 Moscow time.

Token rewards are credited to users’ spot balances immediately after winning. You can always view them in the » History » section . As for the NFT, they can be distributed with a delay until 11:00 the next day (Moscow time). You can view NFTs in the  «My NFTs» section .

Please note that only the trading volume in the main accounts is counted, not in the sub-accounts. Also, Binance will ruthlessly exclude from the stock transactions that are made using methods such as mass registration, login trading, or are aimed at manipulating the market with someone else’s interest.

Of course, do not forget that investing in cryptocurrency is a rather risky type of investment. Binance does its best to minimize non-trading risks, but trading always remains in effect, so act wisely.

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