Bybit Crypto Exchange Launches Contest With $ 7.5 Million Prize Pool

The Bybit World Series of Trading (WSOT) Global Competition will open registration to participants from around the world on August 18, 2021. The organizers expect this year’s competition to reaffirm its status as the world’s largest cryptocurrency trading tournament.

The organizer of one of the largest global trading competitions, Bybit crypto exchange increases the prize pool almost 5 times compared to the previous year

More than $ 400,000 in BTC following the results of the WSOT 2021 tournament will be sent to the UN Children’s Fund UNICEF

The prize pool of the WSOT 2021 competition is an unprecedented $ 7.5 million. As part of the event, the Bybit crypto exchange has released a collection line of thematic NFTs specifically for the competition.

“The WSOT is back – bigger and better as promised, ” said Ben Zhou, Bybit co-founder and CEO.

We encourage a competitive spirit as well as highlight the positive impact of the crypto industry on our daily lives. The WSOT Challenge is another element of our contribution to the adaptation of the cryptoindustry. Through events on a global scale, we at Bybit strive to interest people from related fields in new, relevant technologies. ”

The flagship trading event WSOT 2020 attracted over 12,000 participants last year. At the end of WSOT 2020, 135 teams and 2,128 individual traders received rewards in the aggregate amount of $ 1.27 million.

With a prize pool of up to $ 6 million in the team competition and up to $ 1.5 million in the individual competition, WSOT 2021 will be the next event of the year for crypto traders around the world.

The registration stage begins on August 18 at 13:00 Moscow time.

A user with an account of 300 USDT or more is qualified to participate in the individual competition, and from 0.02 BTC – to participate in both the team and individual competition, and can also claim unique bonuses and NFTs.

“We are delighted to provide our platform for the world’s best traders to fulfill their ambitions. It’s always interesting to watch their achievements. And their professionalism and dedication are the qualities on which the cryptoindustry is built, «said Ben Zhou.

WSOT 2021 is open to users from anywhere in the world where the Bybit platform is available. Participants can form their own team or join the team they like, as well as participate independently – in the individual competition. Early registration provides a range of privileges, and active participation will give you access to limited edition NFT draws and bonuses totaling $ 40,000.

Team battle BTC ETH

You can join a team of traders or form your own from 10 or more members. Prize fund – up to $ 6,000,000.

Individual battle

Traders will compete for their share of $ 1.5 million.

NFT exclusive

Collectible NFTs of 40 types and $ 40,000 in bonuses will be given out in daily raffles.

Read the rules and register for WSOT 2021: bybit.com/wsot2021

Support for the UNICEF Children’s Fund

In 2020, Bybit donated over $ 100,000 from the WSOT prize pool of 10 BTC at market value to UNICEF’s pandemic relief initiatives. A year later, COVID-19 keeps the world in a global crisis, affecting children’s access to education. It is difficult to overestimate how critical this detrimental effect can be in the long run.

Crypto exchange Bybit quadrupled its contributions to $ 400,000 in BTC this year to support UNICEF in its efforts to provide children in East Asia and the Pacific with access to quality education.

“The world is learning to cope with a protracted pandemic, but the most vulnerable parts of society are often overlooked, ” says Ignes Terrenus, head of communications at Bybit.

There is really no better investment than investing in children’s well-being and education. We hope that our support for UNICEF programs contributes to improving the lives of those who grow up and continue to shape the future. ”

About WSOT

The World Series of Trading (WSOT) is a global cryptocurrency trading competition hosted on the Bybit platform. The WSOT is being held in recognition of the positive changes that cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies are bringing to our lives.

The WSOT tournament ranks the participants by profit and loss (PL,%). Traders compete on a level playing field regardless of the initial wallet balance.

About Bybit

The Bybit platform was founded in March 2018 and is one of the fastest growing cryptocurrency exchanges. In 2021, Bybit is a crypto derivatives trading toolkit, spot, cloud mining and DeFi mining, and an educational initiative to improve financial literacy. More than 2 million users from all over the world are registered on the platform.

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