Binance Launches $ 500,000 New User Contest

The world’s largest crypto exchange Binance has launched a trading competition with a total prize pool of $ 500,000.

The competition takes place from 18 to 25 August 2021.

The start and end of the drawing will take place at 03:00 Moscow time. In total, there will be three promotions during the event, details of which are presented below.

Promotion A: prizes for newcomers to the platform

All users who created an account within the Binance platform during the contest will be able to compete for prizes from the general pool of $ 70,000.

Rewards will be distributed according to the trade volume indicators:

  • With a trading volume of 70 to 130 QTUM, users in this category will share 20 thousand dollars in tokens.
  • If the indicator of the trading volume is more than 130 QTUM, the user will receive a part of the prize pool in the amount of $ 40,000.
  • As an additional reward, 50 winners whose trading volume exceeds 190 QTUM during the event will receive $ 200 each.

Anyone will be able to participate in the drawing, for this it is enough to create an account on the https://binance.com platform, and also go through the verification procedure.

Prizes will be awarded only to newcomers who have not previously had an account on the platform, the instructions for registering on Binance can be found here.

Promotion B: $ 330,000 prize pool per trade

Within the framework of the competition program, the 30 best users, who will be determined by the indicators of the trading volume, will share the prize fund in the amount of $ 330,000.

The remuneration scheme in accordance with the terms of the competition is as follows:

  1. For the first place, the organizers will pay  $ 30,000  .
  2. The participant in second place will receive  $ 25,000  .
  3. The user in 3rd place will take  $ 22,000  .
  4. Contestants in 4th and 5th place will take away  $ 20,000  and  $ 17,000 , respectively.
  5. Participants in 6-10 places will share  $ 60,000  .
  6. Users in 11-20 places will split  $ 100,000  .
  7. The remaining   $ 56,000 will be split between users at 21-30 locations.

Promotion C: Opportunity to win $ 100,000

As an additional bonus, the platform employees decided to hold a prize drawing for experienced traders. Participants will have the opportunity to win $ 500 in QTUM tokens.

Only those participants with a trading volume of more than 1300 QTUM can be included in the list of potential winners. A total of 200 winners will be determined who will receive additional prizes.

Terms and conditions

  • Participating QTUM trading pairs: QTUM / USDT, QTUM / BTC, QTUM / ETH
  • During the competition period, Binance will use the average price of QTUM / USDT trading pairs as the QTUM exchange rate for distributing rewards.
  • Rewards  will be distributed within two weeks after the end of the competition. You can activate the token voucher in the «Rewards Center» menu item in your personal account.

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