American football star actively promotes Bitcoin

US National Football League (NFL) player Russell Okung has confused various media outlets dedicated to cryptocurrencies. The day before, he hinted that he allegedly receives part of his salary in Bitcoin.

However, this is not so – the American football player has an income only in dollars. This was confirmed by the representative of the football team Carolina Panthers in an interview with reporters, but the cryptocurrency still received its share of attention.

Russell Okung has signed a four-year contract with the Carolina Panthers, which is now coming to an end. In 2020, the player’s income from his performances as a team striker totals at least $ 13 million.

Who gets paid in Bitcoin

Okung as a player Carolina Panthers only gets her salary in US dollars. The company that pays money to the athlete said that he can do whatever he wants with his salary. In other words, there is no formal Bitcoin payment contract between Okung and Carolina Panthers.

An NFL player is reportedly using a crypto startup called Strike to convert some of their earnings into bitcoins. The beta version of the app, which allows users to «send money instantly, no commission anywhere in the world,» is available for iOS, Android and Chrome.

Despite this, the cryptocurrency media reported yesterday that Okung is allegedly being paid a part of his salary in Bitcoin. The reason for such statements was the footballer himself – he stated for a long time that «Bitcoin can save money from inflation.» Also in 2019, he posted a «Pay me in Bitcoin» message on his Twitter account.

Most recently, he posted another tweet with the text «Received a salary in Bitcoin.» He also posted a screenshot of the Strike app. On the new account registration page, a message was seen calling for the transition to cryptocurrency in the matter of wages.

It’s easy to guess that a fairly large proportion of Okunga’s Twitter followers are cryptocurrency enthusiasts. The footballer did not miss the opportunity to mention the Bitcoin tag in his profile description. Well, and finally – another quote from the NFL star. Cointelegraph staff bring her.

You can make «x» money a year and watch inflation slowly eat away at it, or you can protect your hard-earned money with bitcoins.

This statement seems more than logical. Still, given the current growth rates of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, ordinary bank deposits or other classic investment tools seem simply ridiculous, so it is not very wise to contact them bypassing cryptocurrencies.

To illustrate, we present the figures for BTC, which broke its historical record for the rate at the end of 2020 and continues to do so now. Bitcoin has 25 percent growth in a week and an incredible 76 percent in thirty days.

At the same time, we note that BTC has become far from the only asset with incredible results in recent years. In particular, Ethereum jumped 37 percent in the last 24 hours, while the growth of the cryptocurrency in a month is equivalent to 95 percent. Here is his schedule.

As a result, the situation turned out to be rather strange. On the one hand, Russell’s tweets were not entirely truthful, since he is paid exclusively in dollars for his athletic success. After payment, the amount is converted into Bitcoin using a certain service, and this is done by the athlete’s representatives. On the other hand, the actions of the football star drew attention to cryptocurrencies and probably forced some Okung fans to get acquainted with this topic in more detail – and this is a plus.

We believe that, in general, there is much more positive in the situation. I would like to believe that more and more famous people will invest in Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies. In this case, coins on the blockchain really have a chance to become a worldwide popular phenomenon.

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