The TV studio is looking for investors who have lost access to their bitcoins. They will have a show about them

ITV America has announced the casting for a new reality show targeted at people who have lost access to their cryptocurrency wallets and are willing to do whatever it takes to get their lost coins back.

There are really many such sad stories in the cryptoindustry, so interesting details may sound on the set. Let’s talk about what is happening and its importance for the blockchain industry in more detail.

It is easy to explain the huge number of stories about the lost cryptocurrency. This is especially true for early Bitcoin fans who knew about the digital asset at the very beginning of its existence. Still, in May 2013, BTC was valued at only $ 100, and before that it was even cheaper.

What is especially important: it was possible to mine cryptocurrency using ordinary processors, and getting the reward was quite simple. And the reward for one block in the early years was the maximum 50 BTC.

As a result, the combination of the relative cheapness of the cryptocurrency and the ease of its production gave the impression of not being the most valuable asset at the time. Therefore, investors not only approached the security of coins too lightly, but even corny forgot where they wrote down passwords and other sensitive data to access them.

About such people now and want to shoot the program.

What are the shows about Bitcoin

The announcement was posted on LinkedIn by Jessica Jorgensen, Director of Series Development and Casting at ITV America. Here is the content of the ad that announces the search. The quote is from Decrypt.

Casting: are you on the verge of losing your cryptocurrencies? Producers Alone and Queer Eye are launching a major new series for cable TV.

According to the announcement, the company is specifically looking for users who have forgotten passwords from their cryptocurrency wallets or have lost their private keys to their addresses. The casting also asks if the candidates “tried everything to unlock the crypto wallet” and are they willing to resort to “any (legal) means” to regain access to their digital assets.

Recall that a private key is a special combination of letters and numbers that opens access to the contents of the address and cryptocurrencies on them. In addition, private keys are used to sign – that is, essentially approve – transactions, which means they can be considered a universal proof of ownership of their coins. It is important to remember that anyone with the correct private key can access the crypt. That is why it should be safely stored and not shown to other people.

Store your passwords in a safe place to avoid losing access to your crypto inheritance

Here is the continuation of the announcement.

We are conducting a nationwide search for people who are currently denied access to their cryptocurrency wallets and are on the verge of losing all their money. If you have tried everything to recover your password, but you run out of attempts to enter a secret combination and need the help of qualified experts who will advise you, we would love to hear your story.

Those wishing to pass the casting have time to submit applications until August 14. Judging by the state of affairs in the cryptoindustry, ITV America really has the material to work with. According to preliminary estimates, by the beginning of 2021, at least 3.7 million BTC are considered irretrievably lost. The coins themselves have not disappeared anywhere and are still in the blockchain, just no one can get access to the addresses with them.

One of the most famous bitcoin losses happened with Stephen Thomas, the former CTO of Ripple. Thomas forgot the password for the hardware wallet, which contains just over 7,000 BTC, or about $ 228 million at today’s exchange rate. To make matters worse, he used a special IronKey medium to store his cryptocurrency, which gives only ten attempts to enter the password correctly, after which the secret combination will be blocked forever. According to the latest data, Thomas has only two input attempts left.

Another lucky one is British programmer James Howells, who accidentally threw away a hard drive containing 7,500 BTC, or $ 245 million at current exchange rates. Howells even asked the local city council for permission to search the dump where the disc was buried, but was refused. He also offered $ 71.6 million in support of a local fund to fight COVID-19 in exchange for helping to find its lost media if the device is found.

We believe that the release of this program will be useful for the popularization of cryptocurrencies. To begin with, she will attract attention with the help of a loud topic, because lost money in large quantities – and especially strangers – is always interesting. In addition, the authors will definitely not do without explaining the technical details of the blockchain in an accessible form, and this will be enough to create interest in the topic. As a result, the niche will get new fans who can change their lives for the better. Therefore, the release of the show is definitely worth the wait.

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