The most promising cryptocurrencies for investment in the near future: DeFi and GameFi

During the market correction period, many  crypto investors  and hodlers prefer to buy digital coins at a discounted price. However, making a choice in favor of one or more coins can be very difficult, especially for beginners.

Experts told which  altcoins are  worth investing in this fall.

DeFi tokens will become leaders in the crypto investment market.

Hodlers should pay attention to the GameFi project tokens.

Launchpad altcoins and meme coins are only suitable for quick earnings.

DeFi Tokens Will Become Market Leaders

According to experts, the most popular altcoins this fall will remain the coins of projects working in the field of decentralized finance. Newbies and professional crypto investors should pay attention to the altcoins of Avalanche , Solana , Polkadot , Elrond and others.

“I have repeatedly said that it is worth investing only in projects with real and useful products for the market. These are tokens such as SOL, DOT, AVAX and DAOvc. These are projects that are aimed at long-term work and the creation of innovative solutions, ”comments Georgy Galoyan, CEO and founder of DAO.vc.

Nikita Soshnikov, director of Alfacash, shares this opinion. The expert believes that it is worth paying attention to the coins of projects, one way or another related to the sphere of decentralized finance . However, it is worth investing not in the DeFi applications themselves, but in those projects that are aimed at developing the infrastructure of decentralized finance.

“ Avalanche as an umbrella platform for launching DeFi applications has already performed well since the beginning of the year. Given the growth of the DeFi sphere and the promises of the Ava Labs developers about further large-scale plans for the development of the platform, the AVAX management token rate may exceed $ 80- $ 90 by the end of the year with the current $ 66. Elrond is an ecosystem not only for DeFi, but also for the rapidly evolving Internet of Things. Moreover, the Elrond blockchain is already using sharding, to which the same Ethereum is only striving. Elrond is also attractive because it is positioned as a platform for corporate use. This means that the liquidity that can potentially come to ELrond consists not only of investments by retail users and users of DeFi applications, but also corporate users, ”Nikita Soshnikov said.

Roman Nekrasov, co-founder of the ENCRY Foundation, recommends paying attention to ICP , DYDX, ADA tokens .

“DYDX – because decentralized trading platforms will obviously grow their user base and trading volumes. This will happen against the backdrop of increasing pressure from regulators on centralized crypto exchanges and a decrease in user confidence in such sites. ICP is a token for the governance of a decentralized internet computer, a decentralized blockchain project Dfinity. I see tremendous potential in the development of a new Internet, decentralized and not captured by monopolies like Amazon or Google. Finally, ADA is another blockchain ecosystem for decentralized finance. I believe that this area will grow, and therefore blockchain platforms focused on creating DeFi applications will also develop. The Cardano team announced promising plans for the development of the project, successfully launched the mainnet.

Instead of Bitcoin GameFi tokens

In addition, investors should take a closer look at GameFi projects that issue their own tokens. It is this area that will develop rapidly in the next 3-5 years.

“The leader can be called Axie Infinity (Ethereum) with their native token $ AXS and $ SLP. In-game NFT sales exceeded $ 1 billion, and the number of users reached 1 million.
The next game on the list is Star Atlas (Solana) with native tokens $ ATLAS and $ POLIS. The project attracted the attention of the community with the scale of the future game. The interest and popularity of the Solana blockchain is fueled by its transaction speed and low network fees, ”commented Dmitry Boshenyatov, co-founder of CyberTime Finance.

Flow and Enjin tokens can also become promising coins, says Chen Limin, chief financial officer and head of the ICB Fund’s trading department.

“Another trend in recent months that has every chance of becoming a driver for further growth in the number of crypto users and the market in general is GameFi and the metaverse, which are associated with the phenomenal success of  Axie Infinity  and Decentraland. In the coming months, new projects will be launched that can cause a similar excitement and increase the overall profitability of the crypto portfolio with a correct assessment of their potential for relevance, ”the expert said.

For quick earnings, you should pay attention to the launcher tokens and meme tokens. It is these assets that give the cherished X’s in a short period of time.

“Among the most sensational was the Mina token, the subscription to which on the Coinlist platform was incredible. Many have created multiple accounts to increase their chances of receiving this token, although this was prohibited by the rules of the site. The fixed price was $ 0.25 per token, one hand was given no more than $ 1,000, but in reality it was much less, ”explained Slava Vasipenok, CEO Founder QUASA.

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