The King of Football Launches His NFT Collection on the Ethernity Chain

The Brazilian is preparing to unveil his own NFT collection dedicated to his legacy, which will be available on May 2 on the popular Ethernity Chain platform. 90% of the proceeds from sales will be donated to the Pele Charitable Foundation.

The boom in non-fungible tokens has reached the living football legend Pele.

Edson Arantis do Nascimento, better known in the football world as Pele, is yet another celebrity who appreciates the fast-growing world of non-fungible tokens. On May 2, 2021, the three-time FIFA World Cup winner will immortalize his illustrious career on the Ethernity Chain blockchain platform.

Fans around the world are actively purchasing physical vintage Pele soccer cards, some of which will be embodied in new digital NFTs. Following the first batch, due out on May 2nd, Ethernity Chain is planning to host other events as well.

It is worth noting that most of the proceeds (90%) will go to finance the Pele Foundation. It is a charitable organization dedicated to inspiring and educating disadvantaged children around the world.

Prior to announcing plans to create 3D digital collectible cards celebrating the careers of one of the 20th century’s greatest footballers, Ethernity Chain has already established itself through numerous major projects.

The company previously sold NFTs from artist BossLogic as well as skateboarding legend Tony Hawk. Additionally, Ethernity Chain has announced its intention to release a digital collection of the late boxing genius Muhammad Ali.

Interestingly, Pele is not the first famous footballer to join the popular NFT scene. As previously reported, FC Barcelona superstar Gerard Piquet became strategic advisor to NFT platform Sorare just months after his team released the official Barcelona Fan Tokens.

The NFT has also entered other sports, including some of the most famous leagues in the United States – the National Basketball Association, Major League Baseball, and the National Football League. This year, prominent American footballer Tom Brady will launch an NFT platform called Autograph, which aims to develop unique digital art for other celebrities.

Toronto Blue Jays CEO Mark Shapiro outlined the potential for fan engagement with NFT tokens and confirmed that the HLB baseball league is looking for ways to take advantage of this advantage.

Where can you buy and sell NFT tokens?

OpenSea is the largest online marketplace for digital collectibles and other rare electronic assets. On OpenSea, you can buy and sell non-fungible tokens (NFTs), including the ERC721 and ERC1155 standards, as well as discover various digital goods.

The official website of the OpenSea platform https://opensea.io

The OpenSea platform was founded in November 2017 and is by far the largest marketplace for buying and selling digital collectibles and other rare assets. The platform offers over 300 asset types and over 10,000,000 items.

Thanks to OpenSea, you can buy, bid, and discover digital collectibles and other assets such as domain names and member-specific NFTs.

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