Soros Foundation invests in crypto projects and will engage in bitcoin trading

Founded by billionaire George Soros, investment company Soros Fund Management will trade bitcoin as part of its strategy to exploit the digital asset space. Writes about this The Street, citing sources.

According to them, Don Fitzpatrick, investment director of Soros Fund Management, has approved trading in Bitcoin and potentially other cryptocurrencies in recent weeks. Sources also argue that Fitzpatrick and his team have been exploring digital assets for some time, and this decision is more than just research work with no further plans.

In addition, Fitzpatrick is allegedly in talks to acquire a stake in blockchain lending projects, but their names have not been specified. Earlier, the Soros Foundation took part in the $ 200 million investment round of the NYDIG company, which helps large institutions to invest in bitcoin.

Fitzpatrick has recently spoken positively about bitcoin – in March, she said that the cryptocurrency is going through a tipping point, after which its distribution could accelerate dramatically.

“We are making some investments in this infrastructure and we consider the current moment to be a turning point,” she said.

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