Russian rapper Morgenstern creates an NFT marketplace for influencers and artists

Popular Russian rap artist Morgenstern is working to create an NFT marketplace based on the decentralized autonomous ecosystem DAO.vc. He announced this on his instagram.

The new platform will sell Morgenstern’s NFTs, as well as other artists and influencers from around the world. No release dates have been announced, but DAO.vc. confirmed that they are already developing the functionality of the new site.

Morgenstern is developing the NFT platform in conjunction with DAO.vc.
All influencers and content authors will have access to the site.
The stars are actively using the new technology.

Stars who join Morgenstern’s NFT Project will be able to:

release NFT on copyrighted content;
sell tickets in NFT format;
organize events with fans;
sell merchandise through NFT tokens.
Morgenstern and his NFT project

Morgenstern is also set to launch an NFT series with new hits, music videos and videos, and use the platform to sell branded apparel and accessories. In addition, according to the artist, there will be special NFTs that give the right to meet in person or participate in the filming of clips.

“NFT is a global trend, and trends are mine. There is nothing like this on Russian soil yet, but I love to be the first, ”said the performer.

He admitted that for him this is a new experience and even a new reality. He is inspired by the idea of ​​auctions, as well as the ability to communicate and interact with fans without intermediaries.

“I can conduct crazy auctions, for example, to fit with me or even sell a new album to just one person in the world! And also to give fans the opportunity to buy merchandise, tickets and everything else without the extra charges of any third-party aggregators, ”said Morgenstern.

DAO.vc will be responsible for the development of functionality, release of NFT, as well as legal and marketing support for the project. DAO.vc CEO Georgy Galoyan announced this in an official press release.

Stars eye NFT

Many show business stars and popular performers are interested in the technology of non-fungible tokens. In particular, Ilya Lagutenko, the leader of the Mumiy Troll group, recently released the NFT series. In an interview, he said that digitalization in music and creativity is already a reality.

“There is already common sense in the very idea of ​​NFT. As far as we can create a working mechanism – we will follow the development and try to bring in our clever thoughts, ”Lagutenko added.

Another famous rap artist Aljay has sold a collection of ringtones generated from sounds from his life as an NFT on the Binance marketplace.

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