Rally legend’s car sold at auction for bitcoins

An anonymous buyer bought a Subaru WRX for $ 361,000 in Bitcoin at an Australian auction. Such a high price of the car is due to the person who previously participated in racing competitions behind the wheel. We are talking about the famous rally driver Colin McRae.

In addition to him, this Subaru WRX was driven by another champion Carlos Sainz. Let’s talk in more detail about the situation and its importance.

Recall that the topic of paying for large purchases in bitcoin in 2021 does not surprise anyone. First of all, Tesla has already accepted the cryptocurrency, which allowed them to pay in BTC for cars. For example, this is what the cryptocurrency payment option looks like on the website of the automotive giant.

The option to pay for cars with Bitcoin was added shortly after the company announced the acquisition of BTC for $ 1.5 billion . Alas, after that Tesla managed to get rid of 10 percent of its own crypto-savings to “check the liquidity” of the coin market, and then Elon Musk completely criticized the first cryptocurrency, calling it too energy-consuming. As a result of the manipulation of the billionaire, the coin market collapsed in mid-May.

Well, Tesla announced the end of support for BTC as payment. As Musk then explained, the situation will change when the share of clean energy in Bitcoin mining reaches at least 50 percent.

Finally, on September 7, 2021, the first cryptocurrency became the legal tender in El Salvador. Accordingly, locals can now pay for various goods and even burgers at McDonald’s using BTC. In addition, now, in the case of payment with cryptocurrency using the national crypto wallet Chivo, citizens will receive a discount on gasoline.

However, the current situation is significant because of two things. First, the cryptocurrency was used at the auction. Secondly, the car of the legendary racer was in the role of the lot.

What can you buy with bitcoins?

The car was auctioned off by Lloyds Auctions with an initial bid price of $ 15,000. According to CryptoPotato , the Subaru WRX had been kept in a barn for a long time before, and quite a few people understood its true value. At the same time, the car was produced by Prodrive specifically for the World Rally Championship (WRC).

Colin McRae’s Subaru WRX in competition

The Subaru WRX has become a true icon of the 90s rally era and the unspoken symbol of the video game series dedicated to racing on behalf of Colin McRae. McRae himself was an outstanding man in his field, winning the title of youngest champion in the WRC in 1995 when he was only 27 years old.

Racer Colin McRae

As we already noted, Colin was such a popular racer that games were even released with his name. For example, here’s the Colin McRae Rally trailer for Play Station 2.

As you can see, McRae’s fame is enough to raise the price of the original car more than 20 times at auction in a very short time. This case also shows how important it is for collectors to own memorabilia from different eras. That is why now the NFT sphere is experiencing such a rapid development, because unique tokens are a kind of symbol of the development of the Internet in this century.

We have updated the latest data: the volume of trading with unique NFT tokens in the third quarter of 2021 set a new record. According to the DappRadar platform, the figure was the equivalent of $ 10.7 billion. At the same time, in the second quarter it was equal to 1.3 billion, and at the end of 2020 it was only 52.8 million dollars. Here is the graph.

NFT token trading volumes

We believe that this situation has become another example of the popularization of cryptocurrencies around the world. Most importantly, it also reflects the reasons for the current hype around NFT tokens. Still, people love unique things that celebrities also owned, and especially if this can be confirmed. Therefore, from this we can conclude that in the future, NFTs will set new records, and cryptocurrencies will be used in new niches outside of auctions.

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