GetBlock: a new service for AML cryptocurrency verification, available to everyone

In August 2021, a new service for verifying cryptocurrency transactions appeared – getblock.net .

The service provides the functionality of AML cryptocurrency verification for private investors and small businesses. Getblock receives data directly from the major operator Bitfury Crystal.

Getblock implements a convenient transaction verification mechanism directly from the blockchain explorer. In addition, you can add wallets of interest to your favorites: all new transactions on them will be displayed in your personal account, and verification can be performed in one click. On the rates page, you can select and configure a suitable rate. The minimum order starts at $ 10.

The service offers a loyalty program for activity in social networks and a referral program. The Getblock team maintains an information portal with the latest cryptoindustry news and useful articles.

Why check transactions before buying cryptocurrency

AML (Anti-Money Laundering) is an international anti-money laundering program that allows you to exclude from circulation cryptocurrency obtained in the course of criminal and fraudulent activities.

For example, cryptocurrency exchanges use AML verification to check all incoming transactions for links with illegal activities. If a transaction receives a negative rating, the exchange blocks it, and the user loses assets.

Getblock allows you to check any confirmed transaction, or check the wallet in advance and find out how much «clean» and «dirty» money is in it.

Getblock advantages: one-click verification of new transactions, verification of results, flexible tariffs

You can order a check directly from the blockchain explorer.

Personal account with a history of checks. The platform offers a convenient personal account that stores the history of verified transactions. Also in the LC you can follow the current offers for the loyalty program.

Track selected wallets and check transactions in one click. The user adds wallets to his favorites and tracks all new transactions on them in his personal account. And, if necessary, checks these transactions in one click.

Verified test results that you can share. 

After verification, a permanent link to its result is generated. You can share the link to confirm that the wallet is clean.

Flexible rates from five checks. Getblock can be used for both single and continuous checks. The service offers a flexible initial tariff: the user selects the required number of checks – from 5 to 100.

Bonus program. Service users can get additional checks for free for activities in social networks, for example, repost on Instagram or subscribe to Telegram. The program “Bring a friend” also works.

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