Get crypto by playing at 888starz.bet with 888tron token staking

The virtual gambling market has reached an incredible turnover – more than 350 billion dollars a year. And every year the turnover increases by 15-20%!

On this hype, the number of sites is also growing , which in fact are no different from each other. The monotony of gambling sites negatively affects the customer lifetime (LTV) as it becomes more and more difficult to keep players on the site. Almost no one already believes in bonuses – everyone understands that in fact they cannot be won back and taken away. The market is practically monopolized by large players, and it seems impossible to offer something new and unique. BUT…

Company 888starz found a solution: they tokenezirovali his company, and is a crypto token action. Players become shareholders of the company automatically, simply by playing on the site. As shareholders, players receive a constant and daily income in cryptocurrency from their stocks.

How it works?

Many companies spend huge marketing budgets on attracting and retaining players. This money goes to ad platforms, sports stars, bloggers and other third parties, and the players get nothing.

In the 888starz system , the user always wins! Even if your bet is lost, some of the funds are returned to you in the form of tokens. Thanks to this, the player automatically becomes a shareholder of the platform. This means that he can eventually return the losses and come out with a profit. The user is also interested in talking about the platform to other players: this allows him to speed up the return on investment.

How and how much can you earn?

888starz offers players a simple and transparent earning system:

  1. Play.
  2. Receive a reward for every bet made, regardless of its result, in the form of crypto shares of the 888Tron token platform .
  3. Participate in the distribution of platform revenue every 24 hours.
  4. Payments are made in USDT, they do not need to be wagered, funds are available for withdrawal at any time, and the yield is ~ 20-30% APY !

Also, 888tron token holders have access to profitable pharming functions with a yield of up to 200% APY and commissions for providing liquidity in DeFi Justswap.io with a yield of ~ 10% APY. The reward model is built on open source, community-verified TRON blockchain smart contracts.

About 888tron token

888tron is a TRC-20 crypto token.

  • Token Name: 888tron
  • Token address: TLvDJcvKJDi3QuHgFbJC6SeTj3UacmtQU3
  • Token Type: TRON TRC-20

The token is tracked by all major crypto information aggregators, for example:

The token is supported by almost all crypto wallets working with cryptocurrency based on the Tron blockchain:

  • Tronlink;
  • Huobi wallet;
  • Klever;
  • Imtoken;
  • Token Pocket Pro;
  • Bitguild;
  • and etc.

Tokens are received by all players as a reward for every bet made on the 888 STARZ platform, regardless of whether the bet is won or lost. The process of obtaining tokens for bets made is called mining .

Token mining is regulated by a smart contract. The smart contract code is open and verified by the community.

The smart contract algorithm limits the maximum number of tokens. In total, no more than 100 million tokens can be mined (mined) . More than 29 million tokens have been mined so far. The token is mined by players in a 65/35 proportion. This means that for every token mined by a player, the 888starz team receives 0.35 tokens . At the same time, the team’s tokens cannot be withdrawn from the smart contract until 100% of all tokens have been mined.

The difficulty of mining tokens increases as they are mined. At the moment, in order to mine / mine one token, a player must place bets totaling $ 94. The token is credited to the player’s account automatically in real time with fractional values.


When a token enters a player’s account, it is automatically frozen. This process is called staking . Thanks to staking, players additionally receive a portion of the platform’s revenue. Reward in the form of tokens is available for withdrawal at any time without the need for wagering .

The current yield in USDT per token is 20-30% per year (APY). Since the launch of this reward model, more than 550 million TRX have been distributed among token holders, which at the current exchange rate is $ 34.65 million .

A player can withdraw tokens at any time to their crypto wallet and sell them on a crypto exchange or in the Tron Foundation’s decentralized DEFI exchanger.

The liquidity pool of the 888 token is over $ 2.5 million, and it is constantly growing. The player can also buy tokens and top up the current balance of their tokens on the 888starz.bet platform, increasing the number of tokens in staking to get a larger dividend payout.

Also, users of the 888tron token have access to the following DEFI (decentralized finance) functions:

  1. Automatic receipt of a commission of 0.3% for each crypto-exchange operation in real time. The yield is on average 10% per annum in USDT.
  2. FARMING. Holders of 888tron tokens for replenishing the liquidity pool receive an additional reward from 888starz.bet in the form of 888 tokens. Currently, the reward is 200% APY for each token contributed to the liquidity pool.

Thus, the total profitability per 888 token can reach more than 230% per annum in US dollars!

Why is 888starz.bet trusted?

The 888starz team took first place in the international Tron Foundation developer accelerator in 2019 and was awarded prizes.

The unique reward model has also made a splash in the crypto community. 2 months after the launch of the platform, more than 40% of all Tron blockchain transactions fell on the 888Tron.com project. The new gambling platform quickly gained popularity and, according to Dappradar, became the fastest growing project in 2020!

In 2021, the project was included in the list of 30 most successful emerging decentralized platforms according to GenX Analytics.

888starz.bet has created a transparent and fair system that is capable of revolutionizing the online gambling industry. Customers trust this platform because:

  • The 888starz company is incorporated, has its own development history, offices, employees, licenses, contracts with suppliers of technological solutions, etc. The platform is already working and licensed in accordance with international law.
  • The paid remuneration (profit) is based on real economic processes and is generated by a highly profitable business in the online gambling industry.
  • Tokens 888tron issued to players as a reward.
  • Tokens and the rewards received are controlled only by their holder’s wallet. Token holders receive income every 24 hours and can dispose of it at any time at their discretion without the need for wagering.
  • The 888tron token is highly liquid, has its own market value, is traded on crypto-exchanges and is the property of its holder.
  • The transparency of all economic processes is ensured by verified smart contracts built on the TRON blockchain.

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