Cryptocurrency startup will pay bitcoins to Counter-Strike players

The cryptocurrency industry is actively developing game projects based on the principle of unique NFT tokens. However, in the field of conventional video games, crypt also finds its application.

This week, a cryptocurrency startup called ZEBEDEE will launch the first servers for the popular computer first-person shooter Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO). The new model allows users to earn small amounts of Bitcoin based on their in-game activity.

To begin with, we note that the idea of ​​drawing the entire amount of cryptocurrencies after they are sent to the general pool is not new. In particular, in the niche of decentralized finance, there are so-called fair lotteries. The players share the amount of the contribution, after which the system randomly selects the winner.

The main charm is that all transactions are transparent, which means that everyone can make sure of the impartiality and the fact that a certain user has received funds.

In general, cryptocurrencies are really great for gaming activities. They have no restrictions on geographic location, so users of any country will be able to join the game and compete with each other.

How to make money on CS: GO?

According to Simon Cowell, co-founder and CEO of ZEBEDEE, news of the unofficial integration of BTC into the ecosystem of one of the world’s most popular games has already sparked lively discussions among gamers. Here is his remark, in which he shares his impression of what is happening. The quote is from Decrypt.

The announcement of the integration of bitcoins into CS: GO drew a response from gamers that I had never seen before in blockchain games. There are already enough waiting list entries to keep our first ten servers full, so we plan to increase capacity soon. I have a good feeling that we have finally reached cryptocurrency penetration into the gaming industry.

Here’s how it will work: While playing on one of the Infuse ZEBEDEE servers, the user scans the QR code at the start of the match using a smartphone app to pay a small amount of BTC. It can be only 100 satoshi: recall, 1 satoshi = 0.00000001 BTC. In the course of the game, the potential winnings will fluctuate as the player scores kills or deaths, and the bank’s share depends on the percentage of the total game account.

The logic is simple: the better you play and the higher your performance, the bigger your prize money will be.

As a result, if a player had a successful match, he can end the confrontation with more Satoshi than he had previously bet on the match. Players can withdraw coins at any time, and transactions are processed by the Lightning Network. Ultimately, ZEBEDEE also plans to launch servers that do not require an entry fee thanks to partner support and virtual tournaments. And this will attract even more players and, in addition, make those who have not previously contacted in the blockchain asset industry take an interest.

We checked the actual data: according to statistics from the Valve platform, CS: GO has approximately 24 million active players. While the rewards at ZEBEDEE may not be as high, this is a great opportunity to introduce as many people as possible to the fast-growing world of cryptocurrencies. Cowell also believes that the launch of the new servers will monetize the gaming experience for amateur players, as so far only pro players are making money from matches.

However, the mechanics of bitcoin rewards can have drawbacks. Firstly, commissions in the main cryptocurrency network are now very high, that is, not everyone can afford to buy coins for a small amount.

According to BitInfoCharts, the average BTC transfer fee is currently hitting $ 17. Secondly, the foundations of the Lightning Network may serve as too high a threshold for entry for many gamers, since it is still not a very widely used technology even on the scale of the crypto market. And it will be quite difficult for beginners to deal with it.

We think this idea is really interesting. It will not only allow some users to earn coins, but also draw the attention of gamers to the cryptocurrency niche. This means that new participants will appear in the industry, who will be able to participate in the financial revolution and touch something completely new.

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