Cryptocurrency lover was threatened with death for a dispute with the «creator of Bitcoin»

A well-known fan of cryptocurrencies under the pseudonym CobraBitcoin spoke about receiving threats from supporters of the Bitcoin SV cryptocurrency – an offshoot of the original Bitcoin, which is supported by the infamous Craig Wright.

Recall that not so long ago, Wright, who considers himself the creator of the first cryptocurrency and the self-proclaimed Satoshi Nakamoto, demanded that the Bitcoin whitepaper be removed from the Bitcoin.org website, which is managed by Cobra. The latter refused to comply with the requirements, which led to numerous threats against him. Let’s talk about the situation in more detail.

First you need to explain the reasons for the conflict. On the one hand, there is the developer Craig Wright, who for many years calls himself the creator of Bitcoin under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto, but cannot prove it in any way. Given his strange antics, most fans of decentralization immediately realized that here we are talking exclusively about self-promotion, and Craig has nothing to do with the development of cryptocurrency.

On the other hand, we have BTC fans who consider Wright to be a crook in the industry who makes money by drawing attention to his person.

The day before, Craig came up with a new idea – he demanded to remove the Bitcoin whitepaper, that is, the main document on the first cryptocurrency. The reason for this allegedly is that Wright owns it and does not want to see «his» files on various platforms. Naturally, many cryptocurrency connoisseurs, along with Cobra, refused the demand. This is where inadequate representatives of the community appeared, who decided to threaten the fan of real BTC.

Note that not only representatives of the cryptocurrency community, but also the authorities reacted to Craig Wright’s actions. For example, the Bitcoin whitepaper appeared on the Miami government website and on the Estonian government e-residency website.

Thanks to this, Craig’s goal of deleting BTC documents will definitely not work everywhere.

Risks of working with cryptocurrencies

CobraBitcoin announced the attacks on its life on its Twitter account. As it turned out, supporters of Bitcoin SV managed to somehow gain access to the personal information of a fan of the original Bitcoin. Here’s a quote from CryptoSlate.

I received death threats from someone associated with the BSV community. This person somehow discovered one of my business numbers, called me and made it clear that he would “shoot me point blank” as soon as he found my personal information.

In addition, Cobra reached out to Calvin Eyre and Jimmy Nguyen, key figures in the Bitcoin SV ecosystem and colleagues of Craig Wright. He believes the two should announce an award for disclosing information about the anonymous person who threatened him. But so far, famous people from the altcoin crowd have not done anything about this – at least at the time the news was published.

The Bitcoin fan did not appreciate the situation. According to him, this should not happen in principle – and especially in the world of cryptocurrencies, where the privacy of network participants is valued above all else.

This is unacceptable. This is the cryptocurrency industry, not the damn mafia, are you completely out of your way?

Let’s hope that everything will be fine with the owner of Bitcoin.org. This news is further confirmation of how important anonymity is in the digital asset space. Therefore, we recommend that you carefully hide your personal information on the Internet and, if possible, do not cross the road for those who may take it too seriously. Still, your own safety is more expensive.

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