Continental Hockey League (KHL) NFTs To Be Issued On Binance NFT Platform

In order to unite the cryptocurrency and hockey industry, a large-scale project KHL.cards has been launched, which has no analogues in the world.

Hockey fans and people interested in digital assets have the opportunity to purchase exclusive NFTs, earn internal tokens through staking , and participate in the new GameFi system as sports players.

On September 22, 2021, an agreement was signed in Moscow between  Binance NFT  (a marketplace from the leading crypto ecosystem  Binance ) and the Block-chain.com holding, which is developing the KHL.cards project. The license to launch the project was given by the  Continental Hockey League . As part of the agreement, it is planned to issue exclusive NFT cards on the hockey theme on the Binance NFT platform.

Users will be able to buy new NFT tokens using the Mystery Box tool of the Binance NFT trading platform. The Mystery Box is scheduled to launch on September 27, 2021. At the start, users will have access to twenty unique cards, which have different levels of exclusivity, in the format of 20,000 Mystery Box. Each Mystery Box will be sold for a fixed cost of 20 BUSD.

There are plans to release several types of cards that can display:

  • Memorable moments from game episodes (animated or regular).
  • High detail images of players or teams.
  • Footage from the KHL All-Star Game, etc.

The tokens are based on photos and videos related to all teams in the League, including CSKA, Spartak and Avangard. Famous players who will definitely be on the cards: Sergey Shirokov, Marko Anttila, Vadim Shipachev, Konstantin Okulov, etc. Each card will belong to one of four rarity and value categories: bronze, silver, gold, or platinum. Bronze is the standard card and platinum is the rarest. The higher the rarity, the correspondingly higher the cost.

Any user of the Binance exchange will be able to purchase the Mystery Box. You don’t need to create a separate account for this. However, if you do not have a Binance account yet, you will need to create one on the official website https://binance.com/ .

KHL Vice President Sergey Dobrokhvalov notes that KHL.Cards is a fundamentally new digital project created jointly by Binance NFT and Block-chain.com. The issued tokens represent an entire ecosystem for collectors and players, not just virtual cards of varying degrees of value.

Work on the project began in the spring. The creators set an ambitious goal: not to be limited to selling cards, but to develop a whole direction with long-term development prospects. At the moment, this is already a completely solid product, and in the near future there is a launch of game mechanics that can be appreciated by both the crypto community and hockey fans. Dobrokhvalov expresses his special gratitude to the clubs that provided significant support to the project.

The launch will be carried out in stages:

  1. NFT starter kits will first appear on Binance NFT.
  2. Then, cardholders will be able to earn valuable rewards on their own project resource KHL.cards.
  3. The developers will launch the GameFi component next year.

The head of Binance NFT Helen High  expressed hope for a fruitful cooperation between the platform and such a large-scale hockey NFT project. The partnership between the marketplace and the sports industry creates truly groundbreaking innovations, backed by affordable solutions based on the Binance ecosystem and blockchain.

KHL.cards Executive Director   Alina Krot  also commented. In her opinion, the crypto community and sports fans have a lot in common – both there and there, there is a keen interest, high activity, passion for victories and dynamic processes. Therefore, uniting these people in one ecosystem is a logical step to introduce the capabilities of NFT to those who have not yet used them. Today, more than ever, the idea of ​​owning unique digital objects and the right to use them in certain virtual mechanics is in demand. NFTs are sparking more and more interest among people from all over the world. The KHL.cards project will provide unique opportunities: for example, «high five» for a hockey player entering a match, or watching the game from the commentator’s seat.

Opportunities for NFT card holders will be significantly expanded since the launch of the GameFi game project as part of the campaign. Digital objects can be used in a variety of innovative mechanics, and in addition, they will give a chance to receive unique prizes. It will be based on the Play-to-earn model, one of the most popular mechanisms in today’s gaming world.

At the moment, together with Binance, KHL.cards is working on studying the future tokenomics of the project.

About Block-chain.com

The company-developer of the NFT project KHL.cards based on a license issued by the Continental Hockey League.

About KHL

The Continental Hockey League (KHL) is an international sports league whose goal is to develop the hockey industry in the Russian Federation and other Eurasian states.

The creation of the KHL was conceived in early 2008. At the moment (season 2021/2022) 24 teams from 6 states participate in the League: Russia, Finland, Latvia, Belarus, China, Kazakhstan.

Starting from 2018, in accordance with the KHL World Games project, some matches are held in countries whose teams are not in the League. In addition to official matches, exhibition games are also held (for example, the 2019 Riga Dynamo and Torpedo tour of Britain).

About Binance

Binance is a cryptocurrency exchange and a leading blockchain ecosystem, a provider of industry services related to cryptocurrency and decentralized financial solutions.

The platform is trusted by millions of people, and the company, trying to justify the trust, provides maximum freedom of money transactions for clients with a wide range of trading opportunities and available cryptocurrencies. Services include trading, investing, incubating new projects, infrastructure solutions, charity, research and much more.

About Binance NFT

Binance NFT is an open platform for NFT collectors, artists, crypto enthusiasts, traders. Provides minimal fees and excellent liquidity.

The product includes regular and premium marketplaces where you can acquire valuable virtual items. The market is designed as simply as possible and is available to any user.

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