Bitcoin has every chance of becoming the new «gold standard»

Disruptive technologies tend to deflation because of Wright’s Law, Wood said. Rapidly rising productivity increases profits, while near-zero interest rates are pushing the SP 500 much higher.

Wood noted that at the beginning of the 20th century, the stock market was three times the GDP.

She wrote: “Technology platforms are deflationary through learning curves or Wright’s Law. The gold standard was also valid. As deflation put pressure on the increasingly difficult-to-measure nominal GDP (denominator), exponential unit growth and rapid productivity growth boosted the quality of profits, while low interest rates boosted their capitalization (numerator). ”

In March, Catherine Wood warned US BTC holders against converting cryptoassets into fiat before tax legislation changed, and stated that today’s $ 1 trillion capitalization for bitcoin is just the beginning.

Ark Investment Management founder and CEO Catherine Wood said that Bitcoin (BTC) could become the new gold standard as it can increase purchasing power.

In a series of tweets, Ark Investment Management founder Catherine Wood noted that advancing technological innovations – robotics, artificial intelligence, blockchain, genomic sequencing, and energy storage – are eclipsing innovations in the late 1800s and early 1900s.

According to her, bitcoin can become the new «gold standard», as it is able to increase purchasing power. Most countries adhered to the gold standard in the early 20th century before abandoning it after the Great Depression.

Wood’s Twitter series was in response to concerns from Tesla CEO Elon Musk about the SP 500’s unusually high to GDP ratio.

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