Billionaire Mark Cuban accidentally revealed his Ethereum address

Investor Mark Cuban owns the Dallas Mavericks sports team, appears regularly on the Shark Tank financial show, and has a net worth of over $ 4 billion.

But blockchain fans are concerned about another question – what cryptocurrencies does the billionaire actually own? It turns out that quite a few Ethereum-based DeFi protocol tokens have not gone past Cuban’s attention. On his Twitter account, he made it clear that he «bought some Shitcoins.» Let’s talk about the situation in more detail.

Let’s start with an explanation. Blockchains of popular cryptocurrencies are open and transparent. This means that anyone can easily see the details of any transaction, the amount of the transfer and even the amount of the paid commission without any difficulty. The same goes for cryptocurrency addresses that contain coins – their contents can be studied, but you will not know the identity of the wallet owner.

However, if you associate a person’s personality with a specific address, everything becomes much easier. Then everyone will be able to see a person’s savings and how they spend their coins. For example, the cryptocurrency community knows at least two addresses of the creator of Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin, since the developer shared one of them back in 2018.

Here is the fresh content of Vitalik’s first address. It has 333 thousand ethers for $ 454 million and tokens for $ 191 thousand.

The second address contains a little less than 20 ethers, but there are tokens for 2.6 million dollars.

Now the address of the billionaire Mark Cuban has ceased to be a secret either. Moreover, he discovered the combination himself – perhaps not wanting to do it.

Billions and cryptocurrencies

First of all, the billionaire shared a video with himself where he dances in the Mavericks uniform. The record is tied to a unique token on the Ethereum blockchain that can be purchased on the Rarible marketplace, Decrypt reports. The video looks like this.

Look what I found! The RollUp 2021 collectible https://t.co/EexbU3DNFy #rarible #ethereum #nonfungible #digitalasset #nft via @rariblecom

– Mark Cuban (@mcuban) January 27, 2021

That is, in essence, he just wanted to share the video with himself and invite subscribers to purchase this example of digital art.

The platform works on the basis of an auction. So, whoever offers a big bet will win.

Most interestingly, in Mark’s account on Rarible, you can find a public cryptocurrency address – that is, in fact, the address of a wallet that is at the disposal of billionaires. It is displayed in the profile of the person who created the NFT token.

Blockchain lovers have already «rummaged» in it. The address contains 8.41 ETH worth over 11 thousand dollars. Also there you can find various not the most famous altcoins.

So, first of all, Mark prefers Ethereum ETH.

Also, users drew attention to another address from which the first one was replenished. Usually, the owners of cryptocurrencies distribute funds in this way, so most likely the coins on it also belong to the investor.

There are ethers for 14 thousand dollars and a mountain of tokens for at least 130 thousand dollars. A large share of them is occupied by Staked Aave, that is, coins of the so-called AAVE liquidity platform sent to staking. They help the system work and provide passive income to the owner.

Note that Mark Cuban gradually turned from a cryptocurrency skeptic into an interested investor. More recently, he stated that there is supposedly very little benefit from cryptocurrencies, and he himself owns no more than $ 130 in Bitcoin. However, Cuban later admitted that he invests in cryptocurrencies and has an account on the popular American crypto exchange Coinbase.

We believe that the attention of the famous billionaire and investor to the cryptocurrency niche will definitely benefit the industry. As you can see from the activity of Mark, he became interested in digital art on the blockchain and understands a little about it. In addition, he holds decentralized finance tokens, which also speaks to his interest in new uses for cryptocurrency networks.

Apparently, in the future there will be more and more fans of cryptocurrencies. At least now the industry is developing very quickly.

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