An exhibition of unique NFT tokens will be held right on street billboards in Miami

A series of some of the most popular and expensive unique NFT tokens called CryptoPunks will be featured on billboards in Miami. 96 «cryptopunks» from the total collection of unique digital drawings will be displayed throughout the city as part of the Pixelated exhibition.

This idea belongs to the artist and co-founder of the startup SaveArtSpace Justin Aversano. According to him, now it is necessary to demonstrate to the general public all the delights of digital art in combination with blockchain.

Recall that NFTs are unique tokens predominantly on the Ethereum network. They can represent almost anything. They can actually be assigned to works of art, audio or video content, as well as simple images. The same goes for objects from life – in which case the process of adding them to the blockchain will be called «tokenization».

The boom in interest in them has led even large investors to spend tens of millions of dollars on digital goods. As we know, the most expensive NFT was EVERYDAYS: THE FIRST 5000 DAYS by artist Mike Winklemann under the pseudonym Beeple, which sold for 69.3 million dollars at Christie’s auction.

The main value of NFT lies in the fact that the information about the token is contained in an immutable and secure blockchain. In addition, the user can confirm the fact of ownership of a certain item and not doubt its authenticity.

It is this combination of blockchain features that made NFT the main trend of the beginning of this year in the cryptocurrency industry. And it doesn’t get weaker yet. At least in Miami, popular tokens can soon be seen right on the street.

NFT on the wave of popularity

CryptoPunks are one of the first unique tokens created back in 2018. 10 thousand unique “crypto-banks” – that is, portraits in the style of pixel art – are backed up by the fact of ownership, which is certified by a token on the Ethereum blockchain. The limitedness of an asset, combined with popularity, makes its value significantly higher.

Now «crypto-banks» are quite expensive. Recently, one of these avatars was sold at a virtual auction for $ 7.5 million. In general, the total volume of transactions with CryptoPunks reaches the $ 96 million mark.

We checked the actual data: the number of users of the CryptoPunks platform has dropped recently. The peak in popularity of NFTs of this family was recorded in mid-February 2021. However, the current figures are noticeably higher than the results of the end of last year.

One of the organizers of the Pixelated campaign – an investor under the pseudonym Gmoney – gave an exclusive interview to the news outlet Decrypt. Here is a quote from him, in which he shares his motives for developing this idea.

By doing the exhibition, we want to show the whole world a huge number of people in society who appreciate CryptoPunks. People either love or hate NFTs. It is a way to showcase new art and new tools for creative people.

That is, the author of the idea essentially wants to advertise crypto-banks and tell more people about the NFT topic. And this will surely work, because now, thanks to the participation of many stars and performers, the topic of unique tokens is known even to those who are far from the world of blockchain.

Gmoney has started creating Pixelated with the already mentioned Justin Aversano. The latter, by the way, made an interesting statement on this matter.

I thought, fuck museums, why not put CryptoPunks on billboards. The idea is to combine the digital and physical worlds by showcasing art.

As a result, Gmoney and Aversano raised money for the exhibition through donations from CryptoPunk buyers. More than 96 thousand dollars were collected for the show. Cryptopanks will be on billboards and bus stops in Miami from April 12 for at least one month.

We believe that the idea of ​​NFT lovers will really draw the attention of ordinary people to the cryptocurrency industry. Since proprietary tokens are now regularly launched by movie stars, performers and other famous people, blockchain assets have a good reputation. Accordingly, now Miami residents and Internet users will have the opportunity to learn about another component of the NFT world.

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