Altair will be launched in October – the first update of the Ethereum 2.0 blockchain

Ethereum 2.0 awaits the first update since the network launched last December. This was announced by the project coordinator Danny Ryan.

The Altair update is scheduled for October 27th. As the Ethereum Foundation announced in March, it «will give development teams something to dig into.» Ryan describes the major innovations as follows:

«This update brings support for lightweight clients to the root consensus, simplifies central chain health monitoring, addresses some validator incentive issues, and sets penalty parameters in line with EIP-2982.»

Proposal EIP-2982 defines node inactivity penalties and other violations to ensure the economic sustainability of Ethereum 2.0. Altair will also allow testing the update mechanism in the main network before more serious changes, including before merging with the existing network on the Proof-of-Work consensus mechanism .

«The Ethereum Proof-of-Stake system works quite smoothly from block zero, but before a critical merger, customer teams want to go through an upgrade process to further test and prepare their own codebase ,» wrote the Ethereum Foundation.

In addition, after Altair in December, the existing Ethereum network will face another deactivation of the difficulty bomb . The mechanism will help stimulate the transition to an updated blockchain by rapidly increasing mining complexity , but Ethereum 2.0 is not yet ready for a full-scale release.

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