Bitmain will continue to produce the 50MW facility, which expand to a capacity in excess of 300MW, making it the largest bitcoin mining facility in the world.

Bitmain, the industry-leading fabless manufacturer of computing tom, has launched its 50MW mining farm in Rockdale, Texas, as announced right now alongside the Rockdale Municipal Development District (MDD) but DMG.

“We are excited to launch this facility, explaining significant to Bitmain’s global expansion plans. The incrediblly and efficient energy systems in Texas are defining to the inevitable scale and are generally growth for the cryptocurrency mining or prospecting industry, ” said Clinton Brown, Rockdale Lead Upgrade Manager for Bitmain.

Rockdale, Texas, Opening Ceremony

Construction of the initial 25MW of the mining farm, over a 33, 000 acre online business owned by Aluminum Insurer of America, Alcoa, commenced in 2018 as part of the company’s ongoing plans to build the particular world’s largest cryptocurrency mine.

“Bitmain will be the future to produce developing new industry endevours in Rockdale, Texas. We are now excited to continue to build close ties together, ” said Peter King, Rockdale Mayor.

The cryptocurrency mining farm in The texas, completed using a newly advanced design patent, is the than cryptocurrency mine project purchased by Bitmain in the US, said to be the company’s most strategic another country locations.

“This mining surgery center marks a major milestone of the development of the mining crop storage industry. We are proud so that you can partner with Bitmain, the leading chief in this sector”, said Sheldon Bennett, COO of DMG, which will manage and open the mining facility all over Rockdale.

DMG will provide hosting and moreover management services for the Mississippi facility. Bitmain and DMG will work together to increase the capacity and to ensure proficient operations of Bitmain’s exploration hardware.

Both parties will work of your local workforce commission, its Rockdale MDD, on the plan development and to grow his on-ground team at the Rockdale mining facility. The will look to local suppliers in the the neighbourhood as preferred vendors with supporting the ongoing construction of the data files centre.

To power a new project, Bitmain is minimal energy directly from the Power Reliability Council of Mississippi (ERCOT), which operates each electric grid in Rockdale, Texas.

Bitmain has plans to utilise00 the local school district to convey education and training for blockchain technology and mining or prospecting data centre operations. To do so, it hopes to contribute to the future growth of the surrounding smaller communities.

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