Binance Cryptocurrency Exchange Launches NFT Marketplace

The Binance NFT marketplace, scheduled to launch in June 2021, will become the world’s leading NFT token trading platform and offer users a first-class interface for issuing and trading NFTs, minimal fees, high liquidity and unique collectible tokens from the world of art, music, games., sports, virtual universes and many others.

“Our goal is to create the world’s largest NFT marketplace with cutting-edge capabilities for issuing, buying and exchanging NFT tokens using the fastest and most affordable solutions based on the Binance blockchain infrastructure with the support of our community,” says Helen Hai, Project Manager Binance NFT.

In June 2021, Binance is launching an NFT marketplace with a focus on low fees, an improved interface for creators, and high liquidity.

Binance, a leading international blockchain ecosystem and infrastructure provider for the cryptocurrency industry, has announced plans to launch an NFT marketplace.

Binance today launched a separate page for the Binance NFT project on its website, through which artists and authors can contact the Binance team for collaboration. The mobile version of the marketplace (for iOS and Android) will be available later.

Binance’s NFT marketplace will use the same account system as Binance.com. Existing Binance users will be able to access the NFT marketplace and trade through their Binance accounts.

To create and trade tokens on the Binance NFT platform, new users simply need to register on Binance.com.

“Binance provides services to millions of users around the world. Many of them will now be able to access the rapidly growing NFT token market. In line with our mission to expand the freedom of money globally and develop an inclusive ecosystem, Binance’s NFT marketplace will also support lesser-known creators with the highest liquidity and lowest user fees, ”said Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao (CZ) …

The two main elements of the Binance NFT marketplace will be exclusive events and a marketplace. Users will be able to create, release and transfer artwork from various blockchains. During exclusive events, selected works will be exhibited at prestigious exhibitions and auctions. The Binance commission for the sale of artwork at exclusive events will be 10%, and the rest of the proceeds (90%) will be received by the authors themselves.

The marketplace will allow anyone to create their own NFT tokens with minimal costs. Users will also be able to transfer their own NFTs to the Binance NFT platform for further sale or auction. Binance’s transaction processing fee will be 1%, and authors and contributors will receive 1% royalties on an ongoing basis, which should help create new and valuable NFT tokens and receive additional royalties for authors.

About Binance

Binance is the world’s leading blockchain ecosystem and cryptocurrency infrastructure provider with a suite of financial products that includes the largest digital asset trading exchange in terms of volume.

Trusted by millions of people around the world, Binance is designed to expand the freedom of money for users. It offers a unique portfolio of cryptocurrency products and opportunities. These include: trade and finance, education, research and data, philanthropy, investment and incubation, decentralization and infrastructure solutions, and much more.

About Binance NFT Marketplace

Binance’s NFT Marketplace aims to become the world’s leading NFT trading platform in terms of trading volume, user base and variety of offerings. Binance’s NFT marketplace offers carefully selected artwork and diverse collections, as well as the highest liquidity and lowest fees in the NFT ecosystem.

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