New Regency Television Wins Screen Rights to Onecoin Story

For six years, Onecoin and Ruja Ignatova persuaded millions of investors to join her Ponzi scheme and the fraudulent leaders siphoned $4 billion from the organizational structure. According to The Times, the crypto multi-level-marketing scheme Onecoin was one of the “biggest scams in history.” has been reporting on the scam for years and warning readers to stay far away from the project. Our article “Buyer Beware! The Definitive OneCoin Ponzi Exposé” has been visited 340,000 times and translated into multiple languages.

Two weeks ago, reported on Onecoin’s demise continuing to affect investors in regions like Australia and New Zealand. Our newsdesk reported that two out of the three cofounders (Konstantin Ignatov and Sebastian Greenwood) have been arrested but Ruja Ignatova remains at large.

The story of Onecoin and cofounder Ruja Ignatova might be seen on television sets in the near future. Reports detail that New Regency Television International participated in a bid for the rights to the BBC Sounds podcast “The Missing Cryptoqueen.”

New Regency Television Buys the Rights to The Missing Cryptoqueen Story

New Regency Television Wins Screen Rights to Onecoin Story - The Missing Cryptoqueen

The BBC Sounds podcast The Missing Cryptoqueen screen rights were recently sold to New Regency Television International.

Ruja’s brother Konstantin Ignatov explained that she might be in Athens or Russia and she told him she obtained a “big passport.” Ruja’s whereabouts have been a huge mystery and it inspired the BBC Sounds podcast called “The Missing Cryptoqueen.” The podcast produced by Georgia Catt and Jamie Bartlett is a story about the search for Ruja Ignatova and the extent of the Onecoin operation. The eight-part podcast was extremely popular and has been downloaded 3.5 million times. The show also touched the number one position on the UK iTunes charts last year. Now the company New Regency Television International has reportedly won the rights to the Catt and Bartlett’s podcast.

“Was deep in edit last night so missed all this excitement”, Georgia Catt tweeted on February 5 after the story rights auction. “The Missing Cryptoqueen plays out like the most gripping drama … a cautionary tale needed to be brought into mainstream consciousness. Hope it continues to get word out about Onecoin around the world.”

A Television Series Showing ‘How People Can Be Duped on a Massive Scale’

According to, New Regency won the screen rights in a “highly competitive situation” and a “heated auction.” New Regency also competed with firms like 20th Century TV and A24 during the auction. Reportedly the media company will produce a television adaption of The Missing Cryptoqueen story co-written by Catt and Bartlett. Deadline reported that the television show producers are in the midst of searching for directors in order to create a “multi-episodic drama.” New Regency’s head of television, executive Ed Rubin, spoke with Deadline about the new Onecoin series that focuses on Ruja Ignatova’s scheme.

“The Missing Cryptoqueen makes for compulsive listening, as each week the extraordinary details play out like the most gripping drama”, Rubin remarked. “Jamie and Georgia have also brilliantly captured a story about the dark side of rapid technological change, and how people can be duped on a massive scale – this is a cautionary tale that needed to be brought into mainstream consciousness. It’s a world-traversing story of corruption, jeopardy, and deception – and combined with the twists and turns, complex mystery and global reach of the scandal, we’re excited to bring it to life on screen.”

New Regency Television Wins Screen Rights to Onecoin Story - The Missing Cryptoqueen

The Missing Cryptoqueen podcast creators Georgia Catt and Jamie Bartlett were congratulated after the screen rights were acquired by New Regency Television.

The TV drama news about Onecoin and Ruja Ignatova follows the recent push by former Locke Lord LLP attorney Mark Scott to get an acquittal. Scott is accused of helping Onecoin associates launder $400 million in the British Virgin Islands. According to the Florida native Scott, no witnesses have testified that he had anything to do with the Onecoin operation.

It’s uncertain if New Regency will be using the real names of all the characters accused of being involved with the billion-dollar Ponzi scheme. New Regency chairman Yariv Milchan believes the story is meaningful and the type of story that New Regency is looking for. “The Missing Cryptoqueen is the type of content that fits with New Regency’s strategy to tell meaningful stories that showcase up and coming creative talent as well as the work of established artists”, Milchan told the press on Tuesday.

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