Chinese Government-Backed Institute Releases New Ranking of 37 Crypto Projects

The Center for Information and Industry Development (CCID), under China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, released its first crypto project ranking for the year on Friday. Prior to this, the last one was published in December, with 35 crypto projects ranked.

This month, two more were added, bringing the total of ranked projects to 37. In addition to the overall ranking, the center evaluated the crypto projects based on their basic technology, applicability, and creativity. The ranking is updated every two months and this month is the 16th update.

China’s Center for Information and Industry Development has published its latest crypto project ranking – the first this year. A total of 37 crypto projects, two more than in the previous ranking, were evaluated and ranked overall this month as well as in three separate categories.

IOST and GXS Added

Two additions to the list of projects ranked this month are IOST and GXS. The former describes itself as “an ultra-fast, decentralized blockchain network based on the next-generation consensus algorithm ‘Proof of Believability’ (PoB).” The latter, also called Gxchain, is “a fundamental blockchain for the global data economy, designed to build a trusted data internet of value”, according to its website. IOST debuted at number six in the overall ranking. Gxchain was previously ranked but was removed in the October update. It is now back at number seven in the overall ranking.

Chinese Government-Backed Institute Releases New Ranking of 37 Crypto Projects

In terms of the three sub-rankings, EOS scored the highest in the basic technology category, followed by Tron, IOST, GXS, and Steem. For the applicability category, Ethereum tops the ranking, followed by Tron, and Neo. For the creativity category, BTC scored much higher than the other projects. The second place is occupied by Ethereum, then Lisk, and EOS.

The rankings are compiled by the CCID (Qingdao) Blockchain Research Institute, an entity established by the CCID. The evaluation work is carried out in collaboration with multiple organizations, such as the CCID think tank and the China Software Evaluation Center. “The result of this assessment will allow the CCID group to provide better technical consulting services for government agencies, business enterprises, research institutes, and technology developers”, the center previously explained. The CCID provides professional services to the government, including research, consulting, evaluation, certification, and research and development, its website details.

The 16th Ranking, First This Year

EOS remains top of the overall ranking, followed by Tron and then Ethereum. In December, Tron was in third place with Ethereum in second. This month, Bitcoin fell from the 9th place to the 11th place while Bitcoin Cash dropped from the 27th place to the 34th.

China Releases New Crypto Ranking - Tron Beats Ethereum

Meanwhile, Nuls dropped from the 4th place to the 10th place, Bitshares from the 8th place to the 24th, Waves from the 12th to 22nd, Zilliqa from the 13th to 25th, and Tezos from the 26th to 33rd. Some projects improved such as Ripple which rose from the 18th place to the 13th and Cosmos from the 24th to the 14th.

In January, news.Bitcoin.com reported that the CCID released a report stating that there were more than 33,000 registered blockchain companies in December.

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