Chinese fans eagerly anticipate arrival of ‘splendid and magnificent’ Donald Trump

How do Trump’s Chinese fans feel about him?

That bit of swooning comes from social-media notable Yin Hao, who translates American clips and posts them for his nearly 1 million followers on Sina Weibo WB, -0.79% China’s version of Twitter TWTR, +1.32%

Ahead of the U.S. president’s visit to Beijing on Wednesday, Yin told Reuters that his Trump-related video snippets can draw thousands of comments.

”They will keep posting comments to defend Trump, mock his opponents under all news clips that involve Trump, and rebuke any comments that are not in favor of Trump”, Yin explained.

‘Chinese people are impressed that he is extremely rich, he loves things splendid and magnificent, and he loves to show off. Not every billionaire is like that.’

Yin Hao

Sounds a lot like Reddit’s “The Donald” group, where more than half a million self-proclaimed “patriots” and “winners” gather to fête their leader.

One political commentator said the family’s popularity in China stems from the “deep-rooted belief” in the rule of the jungle: The strong prey on the weak.

“For them, the world is not split into right and wrong, good or evil, it is only success or failure, the powerful and the weak”, he told Reuters.

Trump’s children also score him big points in China, with Ivanka sometimes referred to as “goddess” across social media.

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