Final protective Russian Nuclear Scientist Sentenced Over Illicit Crypto Exploration

A Russian nuclear lab scientist will work for three years in a prison colonies for illegally using investigation equipment to mine bitcoin.

Andrey Rybkin of the All-Russian Scientific Basic research Institute of Experimental Physics in Sarov, Russia, is the last employee of different to stay sentenced also local jurisdictional court principles Russian news source Meduza on Thursday. Rybkin will likely pay a 200, 000 ruble ($3, 122) well in addition to his prison minutes.

The other daily employees  convicted in the mining case were handed fines, and another a suspended four-year penaltie, the report added.

Rybkin was particularly true charged with infesting laboratory work equipment with viruses or accessing digital information wrongly for his position.

Noted for helping to produce the former Soviet Union’s first nuclear bomb, our Sarov lab holds the Russia’s most powerful supercomputers. Rybkin, along with two other staff, accessed the lab’s computer network and a supercomputer to my bicoin in May 2017. Exercise equipment damages to the facility reportedly ran north of 1 100 thousands rubles ($15, 605).

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