On Oct. only one Coinspot proclaimed that a Mongolian citizen was trying to smuggle the four mining machines with fans and linked microcircuits across the Russian/Mongolian boundary into Russian territory.

The Asociativo Customs Service of the Russian Federation stopped the unlawful import of four crypto mining or prospecting devices from Mongolia in accordance with Russia.

Crypto mining equipment confiscated
The custom program explained that the smuggler was indeed detained by Altai tradition officers during a border check in the rural locality Tashanta. Your detainee couldn’t provide any existing legal documents for the crypto mining equipment, which was finally confiscated by the authorities.

Criminals rarely even use crypto to withdraw compromised money

Cointelegraph reported in June that Artem Sychev, the first deputy director of the Information Security Department of the Bank of Russia, said that fraudsters rarely use cryptocurrency to withdraw stolen money.

The country’s central bank stated that criminals prefer to cash out stolen money rather than withdraw it with digital currency. Sychev said:

“In the Russian Federation, this withdrawing of stolen funds with crypto is used very rarely. Yes, sometimes cryptocurrencies are used to withdraw funds, but now it is not widespread, because it is much easier for an attacker to get cash.”

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