Why Is It The Best Mining Operating System?

RaveOS is a Linux based operating system that you can install on your PC in a few clicks to manage mining processes much more easily than on standard Linux or Windows.

The platform strives to maximize your rig hash rate and ensure stability with less power consumption.

If you are a miner, there is a high chance that you are using Windows. It performs quite well, but it’s not designed for mining, which means that it has a lot of redundant features and doesn’t always optimize system resources for mining purposes.

Windows Mining Disadvantages

You are probably aware that Windows tends to freeze or display a blue screen of death. Linux is much more suitable for mining and demonstrates higher stability, but it’s more difficult to set up. Luckily there is RaveOS and other similar Linux based operating systems optimized for mining. Setting up and installing such systems is incredibly easy and fast.

If you have only one GPU or rig with a connected monitor and keyboard, you clearly won’t have problems using Windows to set up and manage your rig. But what if you have several rigs? What happens when you are not at home? What if you don’t keep rigs at home but in a different building, data center, or even another city? RaveOS is exactly what you need.

Why You Need RaveOS

RaveOS allows miners to manage their devices easily. Mining settings, monitoring, GPU overclocking, and much more is available on the RaveOS website. You don’t have to go and see what is happening with your rig, connect through TeamViewer, get banned for commercial use, etc. You just won’t have those problems anymore.

The system is easy to set up, and you can use their mobile app to control mining on the go. If your rig overheats or gives out a low hash rate, you will see it in the app and get notification. Plus, RaveOS offers a referral program, so you can invite your friends and get additional reward.

RaveOS Pricing

Starting from February 1, 2021, RaveOS changes their pricing and payment system. It is good news for 2Miners pool users as they can mine in the pool using RaveOS for free.

RaveOS will not charge any rigs operating in 2Miners pools. You can use the unlimited amount of rigs.

Miners using other pools with 2 to 100 rigs pay $2/month for each. Note that the system charges you for every 5 minutes of worker (rig) activity. You pay only for the time when your mining rigs transmit statistics to the RaveOS servers, that is when they mine.

2Miners pool users don’t have to pay anything at all, even if they have a thousand rigs. You can have any number of rigs in 2Miners pools and use RaveOS for free.

RaveOS vs HiveOS

HiveOS is free only if you mine in their Hiveon pool that charges a 3% fee. Hiveon features only two coins: ETC and ETH.

If you choose RaveOS and 2Miners, the pool charges only 1% and RaveOS is completely free. You can mine as many as 18 coins in 2Miners pools.

It is clearly a better alternative than using SimpleMining OS that doesn’t even offer free plans.

2Miners Pool Advantages

2Miners is one of the most popular altcoin mining pools. The pool features 18 cryptocurrencies, two mining modes: in pool and solo, 18 languages, and an intuitive interface. Over 18 thousand users mine in the pool, and the total amount of rewards paid out to users in the last 24h is equivalent to a million dollars.

The most popular cryptocurrency in the pool is Ethereum. Over 11 thousand users are mining ETH.

2Miners data centers are located in Europe, the US, and Asia, which maximizes cryptocurrency mining efficiency for users in each area. Rewards are paid out every two hours.

So starting from February you should switch to 2Miners pools if you want to use RaveOS for free. If you are already using 2Miners pools, you are welcome to try and see for yourself the advantages of the new system. Find out more about the system settings in the dedicated article.

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