Thorg app lets you mine Ethereum on regular computers

Golem Network has launched Thorg app that allows users to mine Ethereum (ETH)  on their Windows laptops and PCs.

“Introducing Thorg. Now mining is easy and fun! This is the first mining app powered by Golem Network. Start earning GLM right now! »

The new application runs in the background and uses unused computer power for mining  .

The application is compatible with Windows 10 and has no minimum hardware requirements, but the creators recommend using video cards with a memory capacity of 6 GB or more.  Processor mining may become available in the future .

  • Golem Network introduces Thorg app that allows you to mine ETH on regular computers.
  • The application works on Windows 10 and higher, but for mining it is recommended to have a video card with more than 6 GB of memory.
  • Mining rewards are paid in GLM’s own token.

You won’t be able to earn mountains of gold through Thorg, but a small increase in your income can be provided.

For example, if you take a hash rate of 26MH / s for a 6 GB video card and an average energy consumption of 500 watt-hours at an average cost of $ 0.1 per kilowatt-hour, then, according to the WhatToMine mining calculator , you can earn about $ 0.23 per day. This is just a theoretical example, the final income can vary greatly depending on performance, cost, electricity consumption and other indicators.

It is important that Thorg users receive the mining reward not on the air, but in their own GLM token (Golem). This is due to the fact that Thorg uses Polygon, a network of second-tier solutions for Ethereum, to minimize fees.

The value of the GLM token has grown by more than 400% over the past year. However, the news about the launch of Thorg did not cause any price increase. And over the past day, according to  Coingecko , the token rate has fallen by more than 5%.

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