The RaveOS system has become free for 2Miners miners

RaveOS is a Linux-based operating system that installs on your computer in a few clicks and allows you to manage the mining process much easier than in regular Linux or Windows.

The main tasks of the platform are to ensure the maximum hash rate of the farm, stable operation, and reduce power consumption. From February 1, 2021, the RaveOS system for 2Miners miners will be completely free.

If you are mining, then most likely you are using the Windows operating system. It works great, but initially it was not invented for mining, so there is a lot of unnecessary in it, in addition, it sometimes irrationally uses the resources of the system for mining purposes.

Why is mining on Windows bad

You probably know that Windows likes to freeze or show the blue screen of death. The Linux operating system handles mining much better and is more stable, but it is more difficult to configure. Fortunately, there are RaveOS and similar operating systems that are based on Linux and are optimized for the needs of miners.

Setting up these systems is straightforward and installation takes minutes.

It’s good if you have one card or farm that stands at home with a monitor and keyboard connected. Then, even when mining on Windows, you will not have any difficulties in setting up a farm, and controlling it is also not a problem. But what if you have multiple farms? What if you left home? What if the farms are in a different house, data center, or even in a different city? Here RaveOS will be irreplaceable.

Why RaveOS is needed

As we have already noted, the RaveOS operating system makes life easier for miners and allows them to easily control their devices. All mining settings, monitoring, overclocking video cards and much more are available on the RaveOS website. You no longer need to go and look at the farm, connect via TeamViewer, get bans for «commercial use» and so on. Most of the problems just disappear.

It is easy to install the system, and there is a special mobile application for mobile control of mining. If the farm is overheated or starts to give out a low hash rate, the user will see this and receive a notification. Finally, RaveOS supports a referral program, which means the invited friends will provide additional income.

How much does RaveOS cost

From February 1, 2021, RaveOS developers are making changes to tariff plans and payment systems. And this is good news for the miners of the 2Miners mining pool, because now it will be free to mine cryptocurrency on the pool through the RaveOS system.

That is, all farms that operate on 2Miners pools will not be charged in the RaveOS system. This means that you can use them in unlimited quantities.

For miners who use other pools and have from 2 to 100 farms, each of them will cost $ 2 for a month. It is important to note that billing in the system occurs for every five minutes of worker (farm) activity. Payment is calculated only for the time when mining farms transmit statistics to the RaveOS servers, that is, they are essentially mining.

However, as already noted, users of the 2Miners mining pool will not have to pay at all – even if they have at least a thousand farms. Any number of farms for users of the 2Miners mining pool is free.

What to choose RaveOS or HiveOS

The HiveOS system is available to you for free only if you mine on their pool (Hiveon), with the Hiveon pool commission being 3 percent. There are only two coins available on the Hiveon pool – ETC and ETH.

If you choose RaveOS and the 2Miners pool, then the pool commission will be only 1 percent, and you get the RaveOS system absolutely free. At the same time, you can mine as many as 18 coins on 2Miners.

If you are using SimpleMining OS, the benefits are clear. Still, there are no free plans at all on SMOS.

The advantage of the 2Miners mining pool

2Miners is one of the most popular altcoin mining pools. The pool supports 18 cryptocurrencies, two mining modes – together with all or alone (pool and solo), 18 languages ​​(of course, Russian among them) and an intuitive interface. The number of miners on the pool exceeds 17 thousand people, and the amount of payments to the pool users over the last 24 hours is equivalent to a million dollars.

The most popular cryptocurrency in the pool is Ethereum, with 9,755 people currently mining it.

2Miners data centers are located in Europe, the USA and Asia, which guarantees the maximum efficiency of cryptocurrency mining for residents of each region. Payments are made consistently every two hours.

Accordingly, from the beginning of February, those wishing to use the RaveOS platform for free should switch to 2Miners pools. Well, the current users of the pool can try the new system and be convinced of its convenience and functionality.

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