Mining on an Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650 video card: tuning, overclocking, algorithms

Back in 2018, Nvidia released a new line of GeForce graphics cards that run on Turing GPUs. After the announcement of the top model, the «green» continued to work in this direction, going down to the budget segment of GPU-devices that are part of the GeForce RTX and GeForce GTX lines.

In the spring of 2019, the presentation of the cheapest video accelerator created on the Turing architecture, called the GeForce GTX 1650, took place .

Before you decide to assemble a farm from video cards, we immediately note that now it is more profitable to invest in cloud mining services, where you rent the power of the same video cards and ASICs, but they are located in a remote data center and are serviced by specialists of this service, thereby freeing you from solving a bunch of tasks accompanying the mining process. The rating of cloud mining services is available here.

The GeForce GTX 1650 video card is designed for games in Full HD resolution at not very high graphics settings, but we, naturally, are more interested in the question, how effective mining on the GTX 1650 will be. Let’s look at the possibilities of a potential rig.


To clearly show the difference between suitable and unusable hardware for mining, let’s try to compare the video card with the 1030.

GPU Model Nvidia GTX 1650 Nvidia GTX 1030
Core TU117 GP108
Process technology (μm) 0.012 0.014
Number of transistors 4700 unknow
Core frequency 1485-1665 1227-1468
Memory frequency 2000 (8000) 1502 (6008)
Frequency of shrader units 1485-1665 1227-1468
Number of shrader units 869 384
TMU 56 24
Bus and memory type 128-bit GDDR5 62-bit GDDR5
Memory bandwidth (GB / s) 128 48.06
ROP 32 eight
Fill Rate (Mpix/s) 53280 11740
Fill Rate (Mtex/s) 93240 35230
DirectX 12 (12_1) 12
Shaders Model 6.3 5.0
Video memory, Gb 4 2
Power consumption Watt 75 thirty
Connection interface PCI-E 3.0 PCI-E 3.0

In terms of its parameters, the GTX 1650 surpasses not only the 1030, but also the GTX 1050 Ti GPU, which is quite popular among miners. We can immediately say that mining on the GTX 1650 is quite possible and will be quite profitable. Let’s try to find out which of the manufacturers released the best 1650 for mining and which coins are profitable to mine.

Which manufacturer of the 1650 graphics card should I choose for mining?

Visually comparing the MSI, Palit and Gigabyte GTX 1650 GPUs, it’s hard to give anyone a preference right away. Each of the video cards has a full-fledged cooling system, but no additional power is installed anywhere. Overclocking potential will depend on the manufacturer of the video memory on the GPU device.

Help for beginners. Video memory can be from companies:

  • Samsung;
  • Hynix;
  • Micron;
  • Elpida.

Firms involved in the production of video cards selectively purchase memory chips for their products from different companies. Therefore, video memory from different manufacturers can be installed on video cards of the same model.

Important!!! Samsung is considered the best for mining , but it is impossible to determine what memory is installed on the gpu until you connect it to the computer. However, the difference in overclocking potential for different types of memory is not high. When choosing the best GTX 1650 for mining, focus on cost and warranty.

What to mine at 1650? Determining the most profitable algorithm

Now let’s choose what to mine at 1650 by looking at the test results.

Algorithm Hashrate GTX 1650
Ethash 4GB 16-17 Mh / s
Zcash 23-25 ​​Sol / s
Beam 7-8 Sol / s
Equihash 210,9 100 Sol / s
X16r 9-11 Mh / s
X16rt (Veil and Gin) 9-10 Mh / s

It must be said right away that if you are going to launch Ethereum mining on 1650, then nothing will work for you. Green cards with 4GB of video memory cannot work on Ethereum pools. In this regard, Nvidia products lag behind competitors. Old RX 570 4GB still mine Ether on a stripped-down DAG file at a speed of about 14 Mh / s, but 1650, alas, cannot do that. The most profitable coin at the beginning of 2021 disappears. But green cards are so good because they have a wider range of beneficial algorithms than AMD, which are jokingly called «semi-ASICs».

Having opened popular web services for calculating the profitability of mining, for example, WhatToMine ,  to find out how much 1650 brings, mining other cryptocurrencies, you will not find it in the table. And this is no wonder, video cards of this level are still more suitable for a budget gaming computer than for a mining farm. And don’t even try to find out how beneficial dual mining is on these graphics cards.

Dual mining on 1650, like on any other video card, is currently not relevant. All coins mined with Ethereum are profitable only for ASIK miners. By turning on the dual, you will receive additional payments in the amount of a few cents per day, and at the same time the farm will heat up more and consume more electricity. Absolutely pointless exercise. Double mining may become profitable again when new more profitable coins appear, but given that it is summer now, even then it should not be launched.

However, it is still possible to launch combined mining of classic Ethereum paired with a 1650 Zilliqa coin. But with the current rates of ETC and ZIL, this mining option for these video cards will not be the most optimal.

After the November 51% attack (I must say, very successful for hackers), the Ether classic payment network almost ceased to exist. Although the developers are full of optimism about the future of their project, not all members of the crypto community trust ETC, which affects the price of the coin. However, the classic is still traded on most major exchanges, including Binance, which means that all is not lost.

As for the speed of GTX 1650 cryptographic calculations, you can see the data on the Minersat resource, link: https://minerstat.com/hardware/nvidia-gtx-1650-super?lang=ru.

So, let’s see what kind of income mining on 1650 SUPER can bring.

  1. Little-known VOLLAR coin $ 1.23;
  2. ZANO (ProgPowZ) 1.11$;
  3. Rawencoin 1,11$;
  4. AION (Equihash210.9) $ 1.06;
  5. SERO (ProgPowSERO) 0.79 $;
  6. Eternity (CuckooCycle) 0,65$;
  7. BitcoinZ (Zhash) $ 0.41;

If we subtract the cost of electricity, and in different regions it can differ significantly, then the indicators will be even more modest. Accordingly, gpu 1650 without the Super prefix will have a lower hash rate. But the budget GTX 1050 Ti is about the same, or even less. Nevertheless, it is present in the list of graphics adapters for WhatToMine mining. Cryptocurrency prices are steadily going up, so the profit may increase in a week.

Overclocking and reducing power consumption

You can programmatically adjust overclocking 1650 and mining consumption. MSI Afterburner works best. We will tell you how to overclock 1650 for mining using this program.

It is necessary to gradually increase the frequency of the core and memory until the maximum hash rate is reached with stable operation of the gpu device. The amount of power consumption is set using the  Power Limit. If you set the Power Limit to 100%, the hashing speed will be maximum, but at the same time the consumption in mining will increase for 1650. Power Limit indicators will be optimal  in the range of 60-80% .

You can lower the voltage of the video card core using the » Core Clock «.

  • Adjust the  Memory Clock .
  • Set the  Power Limit to  100% .
  • Move the core frequency slider all the way to the left
  • Click on the three-step graph icon at the end of the Core Clock row 
  • In the opened graph of the voltage to core frequency ratios, you need to move the beginning of the curve up so that at 800 mV the core frequency is several megahertz higher than the maximum value during overclocking.
  • Click  Apply to save your changes.

You can set any frequency and voltage ratios acceptable for this video card.


The GTX 1650 video card in mining has better performance than the GTX 1050 Ti and its main competitor AMD RX 560. Some authors of review articles even try to compare it with the RX 570, but alas, as a miner the 1650 will not be able to compete with this model, even considering the lower consumption. Now we have February 2021, a new crypto boom is in full swing, and all the cards that can somehow mine have skyrocketed in price.

Including 1650, you can buy it in stores for at least 20,000 rubles. A farm of eight such cards will cost about 200,000 rubles, taking into account the rest of the components. But for that kind of money, you can build a small rig out of three  3060 Ti  and that would be a much better option. Pay attention to the  1660 SUPER  or AMD’s new Navi series graphics adapters. If, of course, you can find it at a reasonable price.

According to its technical characteristics, 1650 is quite suitable for cryptocurrency mining. But the minimum amount of video memory limits the list of available algorithms, so it is better to buy Nvidia 30-line cards or 1660SUPER cards. However, our job is to provide an overview and give recommendations, and then let everyone decide for himself.

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