December – Work Progress Report

With Bitcoin reaching the all-time high price this year we can see the increasing interest in the mining process. The number of ASIC and GPU miners is growing day by day.

That’s very basic knowledge that every miner should have. If you want to jump into the industry now you should calculate the hardware costs and evaluate the mining profitability. We’ve recently updated the post on How to Build the Mining Rig so give it a look.

For profitability calculation we always recommend 2CryptoCalc, which is the easiest to use mining calculator. Our post How to Use 2CryptoCalc Mining Profitability Calculator describes all the calc functionality.

Ethereum Mining News

Ethereum has reached the all-year high price this month. The number of our Ethereum miners grew by 20% in December.

Due to increased demand, we have doubled the number of ETH PPLNS servers in European and Asia regions. Happy mining and thanks for choosing us.

Btw. this month’s Ethereum block record was 24.88 ETH. Almost 25 ETH for a single Ethereum block! Of course, all has been paid to our miners, thanks to the PPLNS rewards system.

Starting from Ethereum epoch 382 (December 16) all 4GB GPUs require the latest versions of the mining software and sometimes additional settings for them. Read How to Mine Ethereum and Ethereum Classic on 4GB GPUs if you have any issues with that.

The current Epoch number and DAG size could be always found on 2Miners ETH pool homepage.

EXMO Cryptocurrency Exchange Hack

On December 21, EXMO Exchange has been hacked. All the deposits and withdrawals have been suspended. They have been restarted a few days later, the deposit addresses have been changed though.

We have helped our miners to transfer the coins from the old addresses to the new ones even if it was against the 2Miners pool rules. We thought EXMO required our support, especially in difficult times. A friend in need is a friend indeed! We want all crypto-companies to be treated with respect and understanding. Our industry is still very young and we are always ready to give a helping hand to our colleagues.

If you got any EXMO-related problems please write to our Helpdesk.

Horizen ZEN Halving

Horizen (ZEN) halving has happened on December 2 (block 840 000). Block reward has been halved from 7.5 ZEN to 3.75 ZEN. Please pay attention!

Grin Payout Issues

Grin payout procedure is getting more and more complicated. Poloniex has delisted Grin in November. This month HotBit exchange got issues with Grin as well. Hopefully, our dev team has found a workaround. The payouts are working now.

Important! Due to the upcoming Grin https-address termination we recommend all the Grin miners to start using TOR-address asap. Grin++ is a nice example of such a wallet.

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