Antminer E3 is mining Ethereum Classic again

Antminer E3 – ASIC for mining cryptocurrencies based on the Ethash algorithm. It was released in the spring of 2018 and has since enjoyed great popularity among Ethereum and ETC fans.

However, in February 2020, the ASIC stopped coping with Ethereum Classic mining. Now – after almost a year – the device is returning to mining this cryptocurrency. We will tell you what is the secret of what is happening.

By tradition, let’s start with an explanation. Initially, Antminer E3 stopped mining Ethereum Classic due to the growth of its DAG file, that is, a block of data that is loaded into the device’s memory when the miner starts. Since this model contains 4 GB memory chips, it simply did not have enough volume to mine ETC.

Much has changed over this year. In August 2020, Ethereum Classic was the victim of several 51 percent attacks, which resulted in serious losses for miners. As a result, to improve the security of the project, its developers decided to change the cryptocurrency mining algorithm. The changes were introduced to the network at the end of November – it was then that ETC switched from Ethash to the new Etchash algorithm.

A feature of the latter was compatibility with weaker 3 and 4 GB video cards. This means that the characteristics of Antminer E3 for mining Ethereum Classic are now more than enough. The only obstacle was the new algorithm, with which ASICs usually do not get along, because they are initially created for certain algorithms. Fortunately, this problem has now been resolved.

How to mine ETH on Antminer E3

It is worth mentioning that Antminer E3 has been unable to mine Ethereum since December 2020. Then the DAG file approached the 4Gb mark. but as you remember, the E3 has exactly the same amount of RAM. The Ethereum DAG is currently 4.047 GB.

How to mine ETC on Antminer E3

Members of the English-language Telegram chat pool 2Miners have created a new firmware for Antminer E3. It allows you to mine Ethereum Classic on the new Etchash algorithm and receive a reward for it.

The owners of this ASIC miner can download the required file in the message following the link. The password for the archive is 2miners, no spaces or capital letters.

To start mining, you need to download the archive, enter the password and follow the instructions on this page and in the manual from the archive with the firmware.

Some Antminer E3 owners are already mining Ethereum Classic on the new firmware. For example, this miner switched to ETC. As you can see, the balls go, the rewards are counted, and the payouts go through.

The average hashrate of one Antminer E3 when mining Ethereum Classic is about 200 MH / s. Let’s check the profitability of such an indicator using the 2CryptoCalc calculator.

We get the approximate equivalent of $ 3.67 per day excluding electricity costs, that is, approximately $ 110 per month. And this is a good indicator even taking into account the starting price of the Antminer E3 at $ 800, and in fact it has significantly decreased over the years of the ASIC miner’s operation.

As a result, it turns out that today you can make good money even with the help of an outdated model that could not mine ETC because of its characteristics a year ago. So ASIC owners will clearly appreciate the new firmware – as well as the profitability of the device on the 2Miners pool.

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