AMD is not going to limit the power of its video cards when mining cryptocurrencies

AMD has no plans to impose any artificial restrictions when mining cryptocurrencies on their graphics cards. Representatives of the technology giant announced this during a preliminary briefing to PC Gamer.

Thus, the company’s employees made it clear that they are not going to create problems for fans of cryptocurrency mining. However, there were some pitfalls here.

By tradition, let’s start with an explanation. In mid-February, it became known that Nvidia specifically limited the performance of the new RTX 3060 video card when mining Ethereum. Because of this, the efficiency of the device dropped approximately two times after the start of the mining of the cryptocurrency.

This was done for a reason, but to combat the shortage of products and help gamers. Nevertheless, representatives of the RTX line are distinguished by serious performance, so miners are buying them up. This leads to a shortage of devices in the market. Well, prices for the remaining devices are growing significantly.

At the same time, after just a few days, the miners managed to bypass the restrictions. And the funniest thing about this situation was the fact that new drivers from the manufacturer itself helped to get the RTX 3060 to work at its maximum, which soon disappeared from the Nvidia website.

Against the background of what is happening, journalists asked AMD employees whether they would do something like that and deal with the shortage of video cards on the market. Here is the official position of the company.

AMD and mining

AMD Product Manager Nish Nilalojanan noted that the company will not stand in the way of cryptocurrency miners. Here is his line in which he shares the future of the situation. The quote is from Decrypt.

The short answer is no. We will not block the power of video cards in any way, not just for mining.

That is, miners will not have to deal with software restrictions from the manufacturer. And this is good for the company’s reputation. Still, Nvidia – although it essentially helped to overcome the restrictions itself – initially created problems for the miners.

Here is a transcript of a conversation with an expert. We recommend that you watch if you understand English by ear.

However, there is a small catch here: AMD will optimize its video chips primarily for gamers.

It is clear that gamers will benefit immensely from this and it will not be ideal for mining. It will be interesting to see how the market reacts to the news.

Nilalojanan explained that AMD’s RDNA architecture in graphics cards is designed from the ground up specifically for gaming. Therefore, it will not work to squeeze incredible results from new products in the extraction of cryptocurrencies.

In RDNA 2, the effect is only doubled. By this I mean Infinity Cache and the lower bus width was chosen to achieve high gaming speed.

High bandwidth is beneficial for miners, so there will still be some limitations from an architectural point of view. In other words, while AMD’s new GPUs can be used for mining, they are not necessarily the best choices available on the market.

For comparison: high-performance graphics cards based on the RDNA 2 infrastructure allow Ethereum mining with a hash rate of 58-64 MH / s. At the same time, the Nvidia GeForce RTX 3090 video card with a memory capacity of 24 GB can develop a computation speed of up to 120 MH / s.

As a result, in the short term, Nvidia’s attempts to impose limits on its GPUs have failed. This means that users should continue to count on difficulties when purchasing new devices.

Given the situation, it is likely that over time, the company’s management will think about the massive creation of a specialized line of devices specifically for miners. This has already been done by Nvidia, which has announced the Nvidia CMP series designed specifically for Ethereum mining.

On the eve of the junior representative of the line was seen on the store’s website. We are talking about the Nvidia CMP 30HX model with 6 GB of GDDR6 memory and a frequency of 1530 to 1785 MHz. Due to the combination of characteristics, users assumed that this is a rebranding of the GeForce GTX 1660 SUPER. This amount is indicated in UAE dirhams and is translated into 53 thousand rubles.

ethereum nvidia cmp price

Nvidia CMP for Ethereum Mining

However, problems with blocking performance of video cards may disappear on their own when Ethereum switches to Proof-of-Stake. The consensus algorithm update will lead to the fact that the second largest cryptocurrency will be backed up by the efforts of the nodes and the staking process, and Ethereum mining on video cards as a phenomenon will cease to exist.

At the same time, other cryptocurrencies can still be mined using video cards. We recommend doing this on the 2Miners mining pool. It has a large number of supported cryptocurrencies, two mining modes – solo and pplns, a large list of languages ​​and detailed instructions for starting mining. They are step by step and will be understandable even for beginners.

We believe that this position of AMD is more suitable for users of the company’s devices. Still, miners – even though they are responsible for the shortage of devices – are still Nvidia clients, so it is rather strange to inconvenience them.

Let’s hope that in the future the companies will establish the required production volumes, which will make the deficit a thing of the past. This scenario will be beneficial to everyone.

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